February 14

Coding – #4

This was my last coding project. I used Scratch and since I am not very familiar with it I decided to tell a story. I thought this would be a good project to start with when using scratch, but I was wrong. Tynker and Scratch may sound the same, but intact have a lot of differences. Using Scratch was hard because all it gives you is a blank background and one character, unlike Tynker. Tynker gives you an outline and a general idea of things. However Scratch was a very fun program and a great learning experience. In the story that I made a girl and her coach go out to the track. She runs and the coach tells her what her time was. after this there is some more dialogue but instead of me telling you about it how about I just show you it and then you can make a story, game etc. using Scratch! My biggest struggle making this story was timing thing so they didn’t overlap. Once I figured out a solution to that it got got a lot easier. To make the story play tap on the coach then the girl and sit back relax and enjoy:

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