March 15

Coding – #4

Hello everyone,

Today I will be talking about coding again. This was my last coding project. I used Scratch this time because I had to. I made my first game on scratch. I decided to do a classic game. Apples falls from the sky and you need to catch them in the bowl. The apples come from all different directions. The way to move the bowl from side to side is by using the arrow keys. To go right click the right arrow, to go left click the left arrow. I think it is fun and turned out well. This was an awesome experience because I felt like I could ad my own special touches to it. I loved this whole unit because it was fun and I learned a lot from it. Why don’t you try my game out for yourself:

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1 thoughts on “Coding – #4

  1. enicassio25

    I did not want to stop this game because you can’t win. Maybe you could make it possible to win. It was still really fun!!!!!


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