May 2018 archive

Interview – Capstone #3

Hello Everyone,

About two weeks ago I did my interview for Capstone. Just incase you forgot my topic is Snapchat. I interviewed Parker Collins, a digital community manger. She worked with social media as part as her work. We did the Interview over Facetime and I asked her ten questions, here they are:

  1. Which communication apps do you use the most? Why? 
  2. Which communication app do you use the most professionally? Why?
  3. How do you use Snapchat to help you with your job?
  4. What part of Snapchat helps you the most?
  5. Has the new update affected your work and if so, how?
  6. Why do you feel Snapchat is so popular?
  7. I looked up the demographics information for SnapChat and read that most users are between 18 and 34, but I know that most of my friends and my brothers’ friends use SnapChat. What accounts for that?
  8. What good things have come from using Snapchat?
  9. Has Snapchat ever crashed, the app on your device or the service itself, and if so what happened (restart work,didn’t upload a story, etc.)?
  10. What kind of attention does Snapchat draw to what you are advertising?

I think that this interview really benefit me because I learned a lot. I learned most about when she starting talking about how Snapchat and how it is an app that is in the moment. I really enjoyed hearing her answers because I had started to think about the questions and how I would answer the questions, then hearing her answers to the questions made me think about the question in deeper thought. Overall I think that I learned a lot from my interview and I think it went very well.



Ellis Island Feild Trip

Hi Everyone,

Today my grade and I went to Ellis Island! We left at around seven and when we got there we took a ferry to the actuall Ellis Island. We got off and looked around we went to a couple of exhibits. Then we met our tour guide. We walked up some stairs to the great hall and took two of the tests the immigrants had to take, the physical part and the legal part. We walked around a little bit more than we went into a movie room. Their we watched a short film about what the immigrants went through when they got to Ellis Island and a little bit about the boat ride. I enjoyed this because the narrators were immigrants themselves. We ate lunch and walked around outside a bit to take pictures of the building, Statue of Liberty, etc. Next we went to the third floor and learned a little more about the inspection and looked at some other exhibits. We went back on a ferry and drove by the statue of liberty, I took a lot of pictures of it. Then we went back on the bus back home. Overall I think that this trip was pretty fun. I definitely learned a lot more about Ellis Island, Immigrants, living conditions, etc. It was very cool seeing everything the immigrants went through. This trip was interesting and pretty fun!

5th Grade Peruvian Trip

Hi everyone,

Today my Spanish teacher Senior Johnson took all the fifth grade classes went to a Peruvian Restaurant. We ate at tables with a few of our classmates with us and we ate family style. The Restaurant was called Pollo a La Brasa Misti, it was in Portchester. The dishes that were served were Pollo Saltado, (Chicken) Lomo Saltado, (Meat and Rice) Tallarin Saltado de Carne, (Meat and Noddles) Pescado Al Ajo, (Fish) Ensalada de Verduras, (Salad) and Chicha Morada. (drink) It thought that the food was ok overall. I think I would have enjoyed it more if the food didn’t come out as quickly because as soon as I put food on my plate it seemed like another dish was already coming out. Even thought the food wasn’t great I still really like the experience and thought it was super fun! My favorite part about the trip was trying all the different food and my favorite foods were probably the Lomo Saltado. (Meat and Rice) I probably won’t go back to this restaurant, but I think that is just my opinion. Overall I really liked this trip and would recommend it to anyone wanting to try something new!