December 2018 archive

Technology #5

A little while we started making our circuits for a project. These were not simple circuits. We needed to make three. We were given a list of different types of switches we could make. I decided to make a classic switch where you take the lever and just move it forward and backward to make it work. For my 2nd switch I made a popsicle stick switch. The way it works is that you press a popsicle stick to the base of the circuit. For my final switch I made a push switch. The way this switch works is that is there is a stick that you push forward to activate the switch. I made my switches out of cardboard, hot glue, straws, and tin foil. I really liked making these switches and hope to make more soon!

Technology #4

In technology the other day, we made circuits. We made circuits because we had learned about electrons, positives, and negatives. The circuits were not super difficult to create because we had all of the resources and had a lot of background knowledge. To make the circuits we used wire, batteries, a switch and a light bulb, the goal of the circuit was to light up the light bulb. Mine worked very well. This was a super fun project and a great learning experience. I hope to keep doing fun projects like this because I learned a lot from this one.

Technology #3

The other day we started learning about Atoms, negatives and positives.  While learning about these things I learned that negatives do not attract to other negatives and more about electron’s. I also learned that atom’s are in everything and that they are super, super, super small. I think I have a good understanding of what atoms, positives, negatives and electrons are and what they do in our world. I hope to keep learning about these things in tech!