January 2019 archive

Technology #9

5 days ago I finished my flashlight. In order for it to work we needed to have a circuit inside. This circuit was made by cutting wires to a certain length depending on the size of your flashlight. Then we striped half an inch off of each end of the wire. Then we connected a battery, switch and an led light in between the 3 wires. We needed a `way to keep the circuit together so we used sauder to do it. Once we made our circuit we put it in the flash light made out of PVC pipe. We made sure it worked then we decorated. I wrote a K in pipe cleaners on mine. I also put 3 rows of pink and yellow beads surrounding the led light. I then finished the decorating off by coloring it in paint markers.

Technology #8

A little while ago we started to make flashlights. We first made a diagram of our flashlights, then we started to make them. I used PVC pipes to make mine. We needed to cut the pipes to a length of our choice. To cut the pipes we used saws. We cut our pipes pretty small because it needed to fit in a box. I liked working with the PVC pipe and the saw. One of the hardest things to do when working with the PVC pipe is sawing it because as you got near the end of cutting it, it was harder to cut.

Technology #7

Yesterday, we played the switch game. I really liked playing the game. The way the game was played was by two people putting down cards and depending on the colors of the cards you would hit a switch. If the driver, or the person using the switch misses or in other words hits the wrong switch then the 4th person makes a mark on a sheet of paper next to your name. At the end whoever has the most marks or misses loses. I wasn’t very good at the game, but it was still super fun and I hope we do it again before this quarter is over.

Technology #6

A little while ago we started to sauder our sauder our people. Before we did this we needed to make our sauder people. We cut and bent wire in the shape of a person and made arms. It was hard to bend the wire, but I eventually figured it out. Then we saudered our people. Sauder is melted metal that works like a glue. It is super hot. To apply the glue you need to use an iron and then melt the glue. The iron is super hot! Around 800 degrees. Saudering was very fun, but was a bit hard. This part of the switch and sauder project was really fun and I really liked it!