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Technology #7

Yesterday, we played the switch game. I really liked playing the game. The way the game was played was by two people putting down cards and depending on the colors of the cards you would hit a switch. If the driver, or the person using the switch misses or in other words hits the wrong switch then the 4th person makes a mark on a sheet of paper next to your name. At the end whoever has the most marks or misses loses. I wasn’t very good at the game, but it was still super fun and I hope we do it again before this quarter is over.

Technology #6

A little while ago we started to sauder our sauder our people. Before we did this we needed to make our sauder people. We cut and bent wire in the shape of a person and made arms. It was hard to bend the wire, but I eventually figured it out. Then we saudered our people. Sauder is melted metal that works like a glue. It is super hot. To apply the glue you need to use an iron and then melt the glue. The iron is super hot! Around 800 degrees. Saudering was very fun, but was a bit hard. This part of the switch and sauder project was really fun and I really liked it!

Technology #5

A little while we started making our circuits for a project. These were not simple circuits. We needed to make three. We were given a list of different types of switches we could make. I decided to make a classic switch where you take the lever and just move it forward and backward to make it work. For my 2nd switch I made a popsicle stick switch. The way it works is that you press a popsicle stick to the base of the circuit. For my final switch I made a push switch. The way this switch works is that is there is a stick that you push forward to activate the switch. I made my switches out of cardboard, hot glue, straws, and tin foil. I really liked making these switches and hope to make more soon!

Technology #4

In technology the other day, we made circuits. We made circuits because we had learned about electrons, positives, and negatives. The circuits were not super difficult to create because we had all of the resources and had a lot of background knowledge. To make the circuits we used wire, batteries, a switch and a light bulb, the goal of the circuit was to light up the light bulb. Mine worked very well. This was a super fun project and a great learning experience. I hope to keep doing fun projects like this because I learned a lot from this one.

Technology #3

The other day we started learning about Atoms, negatives and positives.  While learning about these things I learned that negatives do not attract to other negatives and more about electron’s. I also learned that atom’s are in everything and that they are super, super, super small. I think I have a good understanding of what atoms, positives, negatives and electrons are and what they do in our world. I hope to keep learning about these things in tech!

Technology #2

Today in tech we did a breakout. To solve this breakout you had to find clues around the room and decode them then put them into their locks. We were divided into two teams of about 12 and had to work together to solve the lock. All the answers to the lock had to do with the safety rules. This was super fun and I learned a lot more about safety today and learned more about good communication during this activity. This is really fun and I hope to do more of this kind of stuff in tech.

Technology #1

Hi! Two days ago  I started technology class. Yesterday we started to talk about what we are going to be doing in tech and I learned lot. I learned that safety is super important when you are in tech. We also learned about the different tools we will be using in tech this year and they sound super cool! The coolest tool we talked about was the soldering iron, that tool melts metal and reaches up to 842 degrees fahrenheit. I am super excited to learn more about tech!

Capstone Share – Capstone #7

Hi Everyone,

Today we had our Capstone share for our parents and yesterday we had Capstone share for other classes in our school. I thought that when we were presenting for other classes their was less pressure on me and I felt more comfortable. I think this is partly because when I was presenting to parents it was the final Capstone project.  When I first stood up to present my heart was beating at a rapid rate. I went up and used a clicker to advance the slide. When I first touched the clicker I touched the wrong arrow! I then learned the right arrow to click. I think that the first slides were good, but then at the middle I started to stumble and at the end it was ok. Since I had a video from my drive in the TED Talk it wouldn’t play because you need access to it. So I redid it in the classroom. Capstone was stressful, but it was worth it. I had a lot of fun doing my Capstone project on Snapchat and thought it was an awesome learning experience. Capstone has been an amazing journey. Here is the TED Talk I gave:

Working on Your Final Product – Capstone #6


As Capstone is getting closer and closer I am working on my Script and TED talk more and more. I think that I am mostly done with this process. Now I just have to memorize my lines more and work on speaking well. I am a little bit nervous to present but I know that it will all be worth it and once I present I’ll be super proud of myself and feel awesome. Practicing is very tiering and gets boring because I am just repeating the same thing over and over and over. It is also kind of iritating when I mess up because I know my script, but need to perfect it. It helps me to not focus on the slides and think about something else when I practice. At home I have had my uncle watch my TED talk and give me somethings that I should improve on. I think that when I practice with someone watching helps more because their is more pressure to do well which helps me stay focused on what I am doing and not go off topic. I think that having a topic I was interested in helped me a lot when practicing because it kept me determined and motivated me to work hard.

Answering My Main Inquiry Essay – Capstone #5

Hello everyone,

A little while ago my class was assigned to do an essay to answer our main inquiry questions for Capstone. First  I just wrote things down and kept revising and editing. My favorite part of this was writing my introduction and conclusion because you have a lot of freedom and get to get creative. I did’t really like editing and revising my essay because if I changed one thing it would most likely have to change another thing other wise it wouldn’t make sense. I am happy with my final product and proud of it so here it is!:

Snapchat. The app that has blown up. Snapchat has on average 187 million active users daily. When you first think about Snapchat, you probably think of the cool, cute filters you can take a picture with, but really there is a whole other side to Snapchat. What you don’t think of is how different communicating could be using Snapchat. So,I decided to explore the other side of Snapchat. This led to my research and soon turned into, “How has Snapchat changed the way we communicate?” The top three reasons to answer this question is because communicating through Snapchat is like having a face to face communication, people use Snapchat to talk through pictures, and it is a more personal way of communicating with closer friends.

My first reason is that when you Snapchat it feels like your having a face to face conversation. This is what Parker Collins a Digital Community Manager talked about with me. An example of this is that your message will disappear within 24 hours of sending it. This is exactly like face to face communication because no one is recording what you say to your friend or writing down what you say when you have a conversation with them and there is no record of what you say when your using Snapchat. Another example is when you take a picture or video and send it to someone, the person that you send it to can watch or look at it once and then replay it if they want to, but only once. You can also decide how long the person can see the picture or video. This shows that Snapchat is like face to face communication because when you talk to your friend in real life, you don’t normally repeat yourself more than once, because your both understand each other. This shows that Snapchat is like talking face to face.This keeps people interested because it’s a different way of communicating. Did you know the average time a Snapchatter spends on Snapchat is 30 minutes? This is because the app is so interesting. Also, people don’t feel like there is a lot of pressure when they talk through Snapchat.

Another reason that Snapchat has changed the way we communicate is that people talk through pictures. One Detail of this is that Evan Spiegel, the CEO and one of the founders of Snapchat has a quote that says, “ When you see your children taking a zillion photographs of things that you would never take a picture of, it’s because they’re using photographs to talk.” This shows that kids talk through pictures because kids are using photographs to talk. Another example of this is that there are filters, pen colors, and stickers that you can put on the picture that help you communicate through photographs. This shows that people can use these features to communicate. Both examples show how people communicate using pictures.

My last reason is that Snapchat is a more personal way of communicating with closer friends. One example of this is that I asked Parker Collins the Digital Community Manager what kind of app Snapchat is, and she described it as a social media app, but when you have it you don’t have a big public image, unlike Instagram or Facebook. This shows that Snapchat is a more personal way of communicating. Another example of this is that when you Snapchat your friends emojis come up next to their names. You get different emojis according to how much you Snapchat and how close you are over Snapchat. This shows that it is more of a private app because you won’t have a best friend emoji next to someone you barely know. Both examples show that Snapchat is more of a private social media app. Here is a picture of some of the symbols:


In conclusion, Snapchat has changed the way we communicate because it is like face to face communication, people talk through pictures, and it is a more personal way to talk with your closer friends. This to me means that Snapchat is a different way of communicating overall. Now, personally I don’t think that there is one answer to this question. The best way I could say it is that Snapchat communication is different way of communicating, but if I told you that was the answer to my main inquiry question I would be lying. So, what is the answer? Well, there are many different factors that answer my question, but the three that I listed above are the main ones to me. If there is one thing that I learned from trying to find the answer to my question is that Snapchat isn’t just an app. It helps people on a day to day bases and has changed the way we communicate as a whole and in many different ways. According to the average times an active Snapchatter will open the app is 25 times a day. This really shows that Snapchat is a part of people’s lives, not just another social media app. It really truly helps people communicate.


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