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Dinosaur bonesIn the book “Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones” Cam’s class goes on a trip to a museum.  Cam remembers that when she read a book about dinosaurs, that this particular dinosaur had three more bones than the dinosaur skeleton had at the museum. When Cam pointed it out to the guide that lead her class from room to room she said “There’s nothing missing on this dinosaur.” In the book it said that she said it quickly. I think that the guide knows that the bones are missing and is covering something up. The guide announced that the tour is done. Cam’s teacher Ms.Benson  told everyone that they could walk around the museum. Cam’s friend Eric told Cam that he wanted to go to the gift shop. Eric got two dog whistles.  He didn’t know that they were dog whistles.  He found out because Cam told him. He also got a postcard with a picture of  the dinosaur that Cam thought had three bones missing.  Cam took the postcard from Eric and she saw that the picture had three more bones than the actual dinosaur skeleton. Do you think that the guide knows something? Cam and Eric tried to hide in the museum to see if who was stealing the bones, but they got caught and had to leave the museum. They saw a milk truck that said “Beth’s Milk” in the beginning Eric was drinking milk and it said that it was “Edna’s milk.” When the milk driver came out of the museum he was carrying a brown bag. What do you think is in the brown bag? These books are written by

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heathcote schoolI am really nervous to have my own blog. I don’t know what it is like, but I am really excited to learn all about it. I am getting used to the idea. I was a little nervous at first, but I think that I will enjoy having one!