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Rube Goldberg Ideas 1

Last week our teacher had introduced us to a project that my fellow classmates and i will be working on for the next month. The project is called Rube Goldberg, Rube Goldberg is a very complex machine made for the purpose of doing a simple task. We got to choose if we wanted to work alone work with a partner or in a small group. I decided it would be a good idea to do it with a partner because then I would have someone to work with, but it wouldn’t get it too complicated. One of my friends Dani had the same though process, so we decided to work together.  We wanted to started to come up with tasks that our machine could do that way we could know what our task was the first day we met. Dani and I had a few ideas but we needed to narrow it down to one. Once we narrowed it down to one we set up a date so we could discuss how the tasked will be completed. We decided to meet Sunday (yesterday.) We talked and tried out some ways our task could be completed. We are both happy because now that we know how the task will be completed we figure that we can add  in some other things before the task is completed which shouldn’t be too hard.

Reflection on Rocketry

Today we presented our rocketry slides. Everyone was divided into groups of four. We had to build and launch rockets. We did this three times so we could improve our rocket each time and while doing this we made a slide show showing the process of the rockets being made, launched, designed and graphed. Today three groups presented the groups that presented today were: Rockets Inc., Radical Rockets and Rocket Crushers. I am in Radical Rockets.

I was super nervous because I was scared I was going to mess up. I was expecting it to go a lot worse than it did. I was scared I wouldn’t remember my lines or forget what slide I was supposed to narrate. Once my group started to present I felt a little bit better but I was still super nevous something was going to go wrong. I was also nervous that the video of launching our rockets wouldn’t play because that had happened once or twice while practicing.

I think that it went better than I ever thought it would go. I am happy that my group got to go today because now I don’t have to worry about it. I really enjoyed this unit and thought that it was so cool how we were able to build rockets that were actually successful. It was exciting to present in front of our classmates, parents and teacher. Click on video to watch my groups presentation:

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