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“How to Make French Toast” – Ignite

Hello everyone,

Last week my classmates and I were assigned to do something called an Ignite. An Ignite is a series of slides that are each 15 seconds. In a traditional Ignite would be five minutes, but we decided to only make ours be one minute and forty five seconds because it was our first time. The goal of an Ignite is to tell a story. For this assignment we had to tell a story about us. We could also do it on a thing we like or things we don’t like. I decided to do mine on how to make french toast. There we seven slides. The fist and last one were already decided because they have to be the tittle slide and the closing slide that left me with five slides to work with. I broke down making french toast into five steps. I made it while taking pictures to put in the slide show. The next day I put the pictures on the slides and wrote something like a script. I was worried that if I wrote a script I would go over time so I wrote a short bit about each of the steps in the speaker notes and tweaked it until I found something that sounded good, was not to long or to short and something relativity easy to memorize since we were only given a week to do this project. Today I presented, I was very hesitant and first, but then I just went for it. During the beggining of the Ignite I was nervous, but as I went a long I think I got less nervous and it started to sound better. Here why don’t you check it out for yourself:

Debate Unit

A little while ago my fellow classmates and I started a unit in reading, it was debate. We were already in in reading groups soon our reading groups would become our debate groups. Every group decided on a topic my group decided to do, Should We Drink Tap or Bottled Water? After this everyone did research on the pros of water bottles and the con of them. We did the same thing with tap water. Once we did a little research we decided who would be on the tap water side of the argument and who would be on the bottled water side of the debate. My group consisted of Avery, Dani, Barbara and Hana. We where the only five person group which meant one side of the argument would have three people on it while the other side only had two people on it. Even after doing research everyone in my group wanted to do bottled water except Barbara. I decided that I would be on tap water with Barbara. We also wanted the teams to be fair. Once we were in our groups we did even more research, but this time only pros of the topic you are doing and con of the other topic.  We did a practice debate and it went well. We collected pictures to make our debate stronger. Barbara my debate partner went on vacation a week early, which meant I didn’t have a partner. So Hana was kind enough to switch over to my side of the debate. We had to regroup a little and I had to teach her a couple of things, but it wasn’t that hard. We did our formal debate yesterday. I think it went pretty well, but we could have done better. Why don’t check it out for yourself:

Star Girl

I think that Star Girl had to deal with people staring at her, but it never really seemed to bother her. Now she is like the new Hillary Kimball except she is not bossy or mean. I think that maybe people staring at Star Girl didn’t bother her because maybe she had a plan as to go to a game and get the crowed fired up. Now that I am thinking about it more and more I am realizing that maybe just maybe Hillary’s idea that Star Girl was planted there to bring up the school spirit was true. Maybe that might be part of the reason as to why Hillary didn’t show up at the game. I think that Star Girl dealed with her issue of everyone staring at her by showing everyone that she doesn’t care and she still is different and people probably still stare, but not as many people stared as before because bullies only keep bulling unless you were to give them, but Star Girl never gave anyone power over her and that is why she is still doing things different from everyone else and she is not made fun of that much. I think others caused Star Girl to act this way. I don’t think Star Girl has a relationship with anyone yet, but some how everyone has a relationship with her. What I mean by this is no one really knows Star Girl well, yet everyone thinks that they know everything about her. I think at first Hillary had all the power, but after reading only five chapters I can already tell it is now Star Girl who has the power. I don’t really think that the cheerleaders really truly liked Star Girl I think that they just wanted her on the team so people would cheer for them and that would have a crowed to perform for.


The Genius Files

I think that Pep lives her life in fear. I think this because she was the one that thought that someone was following her and Coke .I think that Coke and Pep have very different ideas on whats happening to them. I think that Coke thinks that Mya is joking around with him and Pep. I think that Pep is taking this a little more serious then she should because if she worries to much i think whatever is bad thing is happen to them i think Pep can make worse if she worries as much as she is right now. I wonder if Mya will be able to save the twins lives.I think  that something might of happened to Pep that was dangerous so maybe that is why she is fearful. I think maybe what seems like fear to me could be Pep being cautious and looking out for whats best for her and Coke.

Book Clubs: Donuthead – Jot 2

I think that Franklin is Jealous of the relationship Sarah has with Franklin’s mom. I think this because he is always seems to to be complaining that Sarah and his mom are leaving him out so I think he is Jealous of their relationship, but won’t admit it. I think that Franklin is feels like no one is really accepting him and that is why he is so Jealous of their relationship. I also think that Franklin wants a lot of attention and he is not getting attention from his mom or Sarah and he is getting jealous of their relationship.I think that Sarah and Franklin’s mom are just trying to ignore him. 

Book Clubs: Donuthead – Jot 1

I think that Franklin might want a father because he thinks that his father can solve his social issues. I think that in Franklin’s mind having a father can make everything better, but I think he will soon learn that he can’t run away from his problems and if Franklin gets a father I don’t think he will approve because he plays it safe. In Donuthead it seems so important that Franklin has a father and it seems that maybe just maybe Franklin want a father for social reasons. I think this because it seems like all he wants is someone to protect him and he thinks that if he had a father he could protect him from bullies.

Writing Long and Strong on Jots – Character

I think that Delilah is helpful because she is helping the Baker boys by looking through books. I also think that she might be doing it so she has some friends before the school year starts and to get the boys to not hate the idea of Josie the cat liking her better than them. I think that the boys will learn to like Delilah later because she finds ways to get around problems. I think that Delilah doesn’t think that the boys are telling the truth, but she just wants them to like her. I think the boys don’t like her, but the boys mom wants them to be nice to Delilah. I wonder if the boys are using Delilah to help them. I also wonder if Delilah likes being around the boys.

Almost summary

Dinosaur bonesIn the book “Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones” Cam’s class goes on a trip to a museum.  Cam remembers that when she read a book about dinosaurs, that this particular dinosaur had three more bones than the dinosaur skeleton had at the museum. When Cam pointed it out to the guide that lead her class from room to room she said “There’s nothing missing on this dinosaur.” In the book it said that she said it quickly. I think that the guide knows that the bones are missing and is covering something up. The guide announced that the tour is done. Cam’s teacher Ms.Benson  told everyone that they could walk around the museum. Cam’s friend Eric told Cam that he wanted to go to the gift shop. Eric got two dog whistles.  He didn’t know that they were dog whistles.  He found out because Cam told him. He also got a postcard with a picture of  the dinosaur that Cam thought had three bones missing.  Cam took the postcard from Eric and she saw that the picture had three more bones than the actual dinosaur skeleton. Do you think that the guide knows something? Cam and Eric tried to hide in the museum to see if who was stealing the bones, but they got caught and had to leave the museum. They saw a milk truck that said “Beth’s Milk” in the beginning Eric was drinking milk and it said that it was “Edna’s milk.” When the milk driver came out of the museum he was carrying a brown bag. What do you think is in the brown bag? These books are written by

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