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Technology #1

Hi! Two days ago  I started technology class. Yesterday we started to talk about what we are going to be doing in tech and I learned lot. I learned that safety is super important when you are in tech. We also learned about the different tools we will be using in tech this year and they sound super cool! The coolest tool we talked about was the soldering iron, that tool melts metal and reaches up to 842 degrees fahrenheit. I am super excited to learn more about tech!

Capstone Share – Capstone #7

Hi Everyone,

Today we had our Capstone share for our parents and yesterday we had Capstone share for other classes in our school. I thought that when we were presenting for other classes their was less pressure on me and I felt more comfortable. I think this is partly because when I was presenting to parents it was the final Capstone project.  When I first stood up to present my heart was beating at a rapid rate. I went up and used a clicker to advance the slide. When I first touched the clicker I touched the wrong arrow! I then learned the right arrow to click. I think that the first slides were good, but then at the middle I started to stumble and at the end it was ok. Since I had a video from my drive in the TED Talk it wouldn’t play because you need access to it. So I redid it in the classroom. Capstone was stressful, but it was worth it. I had a lot of fun doing my Capstone project on Snapchat and thought it was an awesome learning experience. Capstone has been an amazing journey. Here is the TED Talk I gave: