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Star Girl

I think that Star Girl had to deal with people staring at her, but it never really seemed to bother her. Now she is like the new Hillary Kimball except she is not bossy or mean. I think that maybe people staring at Star Girl didn’t bother her because maybe she had a plan as to go to a game and get the crowed fired up. Now that I am thinking about it more and more I am realizing that maybe just maybe Hillary’s idea that Star Girl was planted there to bring up the school spirit was true. Maybe that might be part of the reason as to why Hillary didn’t show up at the game. I think that Star Girl dealed with her issue of everyone staring at her by showing everyone that she doesn’t care and she still is different and people probably still stare, but not as many people stared as before because bullies only keep bulling unless you were to give them, but Star Girl never gave anyone power over her and that is why she is still doing things different from everyone else and she is not made fun of that much. I think others caused Star Girl to act this way. I don’t think Star Girl has a relationship with anyone yet, but some how everyone has a relationship with her. What I mean by this is no one really knows Star Girl well, yet everyone thinks that they know everything about her. I think at first Hillary had all the power, but after reading only five chapters I can already tell it is now Star Girl who has the power. I don’t really think that the cheerleaders really truly liked Star Girl I think that they just wanted her on the team so people would cheer for them and that would have a crowed to perform for.


Book Clubs: Donuthead – Jot 2

I think that Franklin is Jealous of the relationship Sarah has with Franklin’s mom. I think this because he is always seems to to be complaining that Sarah and his mom are leaving him out so I think he is Jealous of their relationship, but won’t admit it. I think that Franklin is feels like no one is really accepting him and that is why he is so Jealous of their relationship. I also think that Franklin wants a lot of attention and he is not getting attention from his mom or Sarah and he is getting jealous of their relationship.I think that Sarah and Franklin’s mom are just trying to ignore him. 

Book Clubs: Donuthead – Jot 1

I think that Franklin might want a father because he thinks that his father can solve his social issues. I think that in Franklin’s mind having a father can make everything better, but I think he will soon learn that he can’t run away from his problems and if Franklin gets a father I don’t think he will approve because he plays it safe. In Donuthead it seems so important that Franklin has a father and it seems that maybe just maybe Franklin want a father for social reasons. I think this because it seems like all he wants is someone to protect him and he thinks that if he had a father he could protect him from bullies.