good post3-building our rocket

Now, our group obviously needed to build a rocket. There are many things and materials we needed to make our final product. I will tell you what we did to build our first rocket, and our second rocket.

First rocket

Our teacher Ms. Boyer said we should design the rocket on a piece of paper. Our group used many post-its to draw the possible wing designs. Since we use seltzer bottles, We could not design the thickness of the body. We designed the rocket with lengths drawn to scale.  We settled on a triangular shape that I think is a scalene triangle shape. Then we decided to 3D print the nose cone when we were done with the wings. It had a curved top and was green and smooth. We put duct tape on the body for decoration. We were pretty anxious about the Launch.

Second rocket

Our second rocket had to be done quicker. Our group designed our wings with a curved side. after we designed it we ripped off the nose from the old rocket and we reglued it on our second. Then we hot glued on the wings. We were ready for the launch and done with our rocket. Our group was prepared.

In conclusion, our group did a lot of work to build our rocket. It was a very busy time period but it was all worth it.

good post1

We have rocketry, this can be the last launch. My groups rocket is all done, it is ready to go. The other two classes might have already be finished with the unit. We launched once on 11/1/2016. We evaluated ourdata for our rocket for a couple of minutes after the launch.img_6308

This is our nose cone for both rockets.(3D printed), it is sideways. 🙁

Our first rocket went very high up in the air. Our school buddies will watch the second launch.

This is a compare of our 2 rockets.

1st                                                   both                                                 2nd

multi color wings                      duct tape                          more tape

longer time                                 nose cone 3D printed          curved wings

There is more differences but that is a few. Even though our first launch was phenominal(as Ms. Boyer said), we still had great results. Most of our arguments were settled and resloved. The weather was great, our teacher said everything was smiling, the sky, the grass, the clouds, and the sun. After our rocket launched for the second time, we saw a wing fell off and the nose cone got damaged because there was too much force applied to the nose cone and a lot of impact on the tip of it. The nose cone is round, by the way(as you see in the picture). I had many experiences with the 2 launches, and there was getting to do certain things, Such as I used a clinometer and got to dump out the leftover water we did not need anymore.

In conclusion, I think the rocketry unit gives everyone an experience and learn how to cope together as a group. We always redesogn to be more successful.

Getting ready for launch #2

We will launch our 2nd time on 11/14/2016 after lunch. We are getting ready for the launch. It is after Philadelphia trip and Veterans day. This is our last day. Make finish or DOOM.

Here is a picture of our first rocket design(which was perfect):


Our rocket has a good luck charm, a crumpled post-it with our names on it. Hopefully it will be lucky. 🙂 🙂



Our class is doing rocketry for science. I learned about Isaac Newton, And a tiny bit of Neil Degrasse Tyson. He said if he could travel back in time, he would meet Isaac Newton. I learned that a rocket needs wings to stay stable. My group members are Rania, Una, Skylar, and Rush. Rania and Una are really helpful. They did a lot of the designing and building. Me? Not so much. I even built a leaning tower of duct tape. Right now all we need is our nose cone, which is 3D printed. But the school 3 Dimensional printer freaked out, so we will have to launch in November. We are making backup nose cones. Our group is using the top of a diet coke bottle. I hate soda(even though I play candy crush SODA saga). Anyway, we are looking forward to the launch! We will launch our rockets 2 times. We have now finally managed to print our nose cone. We will hot glue it on the rocket. We will launch on the day after Halloween.