Immigration stop motion #4

Our group has officially finished the movie making process. Filming, editing, and sounds, all done. I think we did a great job with it, except for the credits music because the music is from Pixelgun, which should not be classified as appropiate. Otherwise, I think only a reflection needs to be done. We had an argument, we were aguing ablout who should do what. Things did nnot end smoothly at the end of the situation.

Stop motion #2

Today our group with Taj and Rush managed to finish filming another scene. The second scene was about the family getting separated. We had to replace the waves and sacrifice a cloud. Otherwise we did some good progress, but if we continue at this rate we might not get it done on time. Overall I have good feelings about this project. We are on scene 3, according to the script we have. I am ready to continue.

First time filming result

Our group with Taj and Rush did some filming today. Overall we managed to complete one scene. The objects kept on moving, so we had to tape down the objects. Hoever some the single use objects got torn by the tape, so there is no turning back. We had a big discussion about the background, and we ended up having some of the sky on the ground. Also the sun was partially tilted up but I doubt anyone will notice. I am ready to continue filmimg. We also borrowed a pizza box from another group.

Preparing for stop motion

My group in Immigration Stop Motion is ready to film. My group is with Taj and Rush. We have our supplies and cutouts. Filming is all we need to do. We will be taking frames using our cutouts with picture backgrounds. We have all the materials we need. Each second needs twelve frames. The computer lab only has 4 cameras, so not everyone can film at the same time. We can not film right now. Our storyboards are prepared and we have the plot. Our script is ready, but we can still change it. So that is all our concerns and we can film.

Stop Motion

I am learning that stop motion is similar to running photos at a constant speed. It takes a long time to shoot and edit to make a professional stop motion animation. I have learned that Legos are a form of a stop motion, and there are other types of stop motion you can make. To make a good stop motion, you should not shake the camera so it would look like an earthquake in the animation. Each second in an animation has about twelve frames. You may not notice anything in the background, to make the animation look cooler like a professional one.