Capstone blog post #2

In Capstone, you need to have somebody to interview to get more information about your topic. My topic is Disney World, and I interviewed Renee Morehead. I chose to interview Renee Morehead because she has been working at Disney World for over 20 years! Since she has been working there for so long, she knows a lot about Disney World and she was able to help me get a lot of new information. I asked her 11 questions, and she knew the answer to all of them. My questions were, 


  • Why did Disney open hotels like Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort and Disney’s Disney’s All-Star Movie Resort?
  • How do you get to stay in Cinderella’s castle?
  • Why did Disney World choose to do a different castle then Disneyland?
  •  Why was Disney’s Contemporary resort supposed to be named Tempo Bay Hotel?
  • Why is Disney’s Discovery Island abandoned?
  • Why did Disney make two water parks?
  •  Why did they change Mickey Mouse’s name from Steamboat Willie?
  • Did Disney World have a main street when it first opened? If it did then how has it changed over the years?
  •  How did Disney World come up with the symbols for each park?
  • How did Disney World know which park to put each new ride in?
  • Why did the workers at Disney build a suite at the top of Cinderella’s castle?

My grandpa helped me get the interview, by talking to somebody he knew. That person knew Renee Morehead and so my grandpa emailed her. He then called her and set up an interview for me. 

I think the most surprising thing that she told me was about the Disney World castle. She said that the suite at the top was supposed to be an apartment for Walt Disney and his family, but after he died, they didn’t know what to do with it. Instead, they made it a suite that people can stay in. They often do raffles and have events. If you win, you get to stay in the Cinderella Suite. Another thing that was interesting was why Disney Discovery Island is abandoned. The reason is because they made Animal Kingdom, which had the same things, just more. After they made Animal Kingdom they didn’t need Discovery Island anymore.

Overall, I think that the interview went really well, and I got a lot of new information! Also, I think that Capstone is going really well for me and it’s a really fun project!

Capstone blog post #1

Capstone is a very big topic in 5th grade. I wanted to choose a topic that I will be really interested in and I would enjoy Researching. My Capstone topic is Disney World. My main inquiry question is, how Disney World evolved over time and why? I think it was not that hard coming up with sub-questions because Disney World has a lot of history and its really big. I think that helped because there was a lot to write about Disney World. I have been to Disney World many times before, and that helped me choose my main inquiry question because I knew the parks and rides and other things that they have in Disney World. For example, I know what the Disney castle looks like because I have seen so many times before. That helped me with my question because I already know a little about my topic so that might help me when I am researching. Something challenging when I was choosing my main inquiry question was I did not know if I would be able to find research about Disney World when it first opened, all the way up until now. I did not think that there would be research of all the years that Disney World was open, or I didn’t know if any resource would have the answer to why all those changes were made. 


What I have learned about myself is that I can be an independent learner and research something that I am interested in. For example, I am interested in Disney World, so I chose Disney World as my topic, and now I get to do research on something that I am interested in.

Designing the Machine – Rube Goldberg #2

After we decided on what our simple task would be, we had to decide on how we would make it work. My brother and I made lots of designs, and then we combined them to make one big design, that also led to the simple task of having slime pour on our heads.


We started designing by figuring out what we had in our house, so we knew what we could use in our designs. We kept making different designs and showing them to each other. “Look at my design!” “ I don’t like it.” That’s what kept happening, and we could not agree. 


We compromised on one design, but we had to test a few things first. We tested some things but some of them did not work, so we knew we could not use it. After that, it was like designing the whole thing all over again. “I want to do this.” “No! I want to do that” That’s what was happening until we figured out what worked. Some things we changed were the dominoes to playing cards, and the ping pong ball to a mini soccer ball. It took a while to agree on everything, but we finally made it work. 

Decision Making – Rube Goldberg #1

In our class, we started a unit on Rube Goldbergs. The first step in the process was to decide what your simple task will be, and how you were going to make it work. I am doing mine with my brother, and we disagreed on what we were going to do.

We first had to decide what our simple task would be. We kept disagreeing and we could not think of an idea. I thought we should do one thing and he wanted to do something else. We compromised and decided his idea would go in the middle of the Rube Goldberg and mine would be the simple task at the end. After a couple of days, we thought about it and the idea that I had was really hard to do, so we came up with something else. We came up with the idea to have a bucket of slime pour on our heads. We will do that by having a pulley, and one string is attached to a book, and the other side is attached to the bucket. We will have the book fall down so the whole pulley moves and the bucket flips over. Ryan and I will be standing under the bucket, hoping that the slime will pour on our heads.

After we came up with our idea, we needed to decide on how we would make it work. I wanted to do the same thing in two places, and Ryan wanted to do something different, so we could not agree if we would do the same thing in two places, or different things. We were disagreeing throughout all of the planning, and it was hard to compromise. Sometimes we would compromise, and sometimes our ideas would be impossible to put together, so we needed to agree on something.


A Long Walk To Water reflection

In class, we read a book called “A Long Walk to Water.” I think the part of the book that impacted me the most was when Salva was the one who was leading building the well. I think this because Salva went off walking when he was a young boy. He had no family or friends to help him. He was growing up along the way. He was walking and went from alone in a small group to leading a big group of  boys. 


I think the message the author wanted to show was not to give up. This is shown in the book because Salva faced many challenges along his long walk. Some challenges were when he hurt his toe, when his friend and uncle died, and when the kid was pulling Salva under the water. Salva kept going after all of this so that shows that the author wanted to show not to give up.


I think there was symbolism when the boy was hanging on to him in the water. I think there was symbolism there because out of everyone in the water, he hung on to Salva. This symbolizes that the young kids looked up to Salva, and he decided to hang on to Salva out of everybody in the water.  

Diving meet

Neer Halloween, all the divers on the High Dive Champions team, had a Halloween Meet. This meet was at Purches Collage. The purpose of the meet was so all the divers can get ready for all of the other diving meets against other diving teams. All the divers lined up to practice so they are ready. After about 20 minutes, everyone lined up to do there dives. Everyone was nerveos to do there first dives. Once each diver did their dive, they would get scored based on how they did on there dive. After everyone finished their first dive, they seemed relived. There are two boards the divers dove on. One board was 1 meter and the other board was 3 meters. The older kids went on 3 meter first and the younger kids went on 1 meter first. After everyone finished there 4 dives on the board they were on, the divers switched boards. All the divers did 4 more dives on the board they did not go on before. In the end, the diving meet was 4 hours and 30 minutes. All the divers look tired when they were about up to their second to last dive. In the end it looked like the divers were tired, but they had a great time at the first “ meet “ of the season!


False Alarm

Imagine you are talking with your friends in the hall waiting to go to your classroom and the fire alarm went off. Well, that happened at Heathcote school. Everybody in Heathcote School was in the hall waiting for the bell to ring. All of a sudden the fire alarm went off. Everyone stopped talking, waiting for someone to tell them what to do. They went out the doors and everybody followed. Everybody waited a while as the fire trucks pulled up at the school. The crazy part was it was Friday the 13th! The firemen got out of their fire trucks and went into the school. They had to shut off the fire alarm so that we can all go back in the building. All the people there heard the bell that normally means to go down to your classroom. Not on September 13th.

Everyone was nervous and said that it smelled like smoke. According to Morgen, a 5th grader,” I was confused and we all formed into groups but I didn’t think it was scary.” Mia, a 5th grader said,” I was surprised and worried when the fire trucks came.” Most other kids looked worried but some did not. Sarah Mayor said, “ At first I was scared to go in because I did not trust that it was a false alarm but I still went in because I trusted the firefighters.” Everyone looked relieved when they heard the announcement that we can go inside. Everyone looked really happy that is was not a real fire. Everybody started talking again and fewer people cared about what happened when they got into the school.

Rocketry Blog Post #3

Our group changed the fins of our rocket because most other groups fins were small and went really high. That made our group thought that if we make the fins smaller, our rocket will go higher than the first launch. Also small fins would make the rocket lighter so that would also make it go higher than the first launch.


When we designed our second rocket some things went well and some things did not.. What went well was our whole group agreed to change the same thing right away. We all had the same idea, so it was really easy to decide what we were going to change on our second rocket. What did not go that well is our group also wanted to change some other things, like the nose cone. We can only change one thing though so we desighted right away that we were going to change the fins.


What went well with building our second rocket is we built the body fast, so we had more time to make the things that were harder, like the nose cone. We were able to do that longer, so it is better. What did not go well, is we did not all agree on the fins and which ones we were using. Someone thought we should not use the fins I made and we should use the ones they made. We ended up using both.


We collaborated on our design. We also took the time to collaborate on our fins because we smoothed them out to make them even. Also because we did not want our rocket to be really bumpy when the rocket is going up in the air. Our group compromized when we disagreed. When we did not agree on the fins we used both fins that both people made.


Rocketry Blog Post #4

We launched our second rocket and it went a lot higher than I thought. Our first rocket did not go that high, so I was really happy that our second one went much higher than the first rocket. We worked hard on our secod rocket, even if our group did not agree on some things.


What stood out about our rocket launch is it went a lot higher than the first one and it went straight back into the ground. My job was to push the launch button. I liked doing that becuase you basecly get to control the rocket and as soon as you press the button, it launches up in the air. I liked being a cinometer reader because you get to find out how high that groups rocket went. 


Our rocket went so much more than the first launch. It went 126 feet. We will change the fins to cardbord so we can see if that changes our rocket, even though we are not building a third rocket. We collaborated becuase we all did our jobs for the rocket launch.


Our group worked together well and our rocket went really high, and if we did a third rocket, I think that one would go higher than the second one! 

Rocketry Blog Post #2

We launched rockets that we made from scratch. We built and designed them. I was surprised to see the height it went. Our team worked together on building the rocket, and we were hoping that it would pay off and our rocket will launch really high into the sky. I learned that if you don’t work as a team, your rocket won’t go as high because not everyone’s work would be in the rocket and you have one less person to help you build it. Also you should not talk to your friends instead of helping because then you can say it is your rocket, but only you would no it is not really because you did not help.


For the launching part, we got our rocket ready by pumping the pumper to fifty so it had enough air pressure and they started counting down. I was hoping that it would go really high because we worked on the rocket for a while, and it would be sad if it did not even get off the launch pad. When they got to 1 the rocket launched of the launch pad. I thought it would go high but it did not. It went low compared to everyone else’s rockets but at least it got off the launch pad. When everyone else’s came down, they were all really happy and ran to get it. Our group did too, because even though it did not go as high as everyone else’s, it still went high. 


I think our group will change the fins because they were really big and I think that that added to much weight and also I think they took up too much space and the air slid down the side of the rocket too soon but if the fins were smaller they would be lower down so the air would not slide down the sides till about a half a second later which might help. Also all the groups whose fins were small got really high so maybe if our group does that, our rocket will go higher than it did in the first rocket launch.


I think our rocket group did good because even though our rocket did not go very high, it still got off the launch pad and our work paid off because it worked pretty good and in the second launch, I hope it will go even higher!