Rocketry Blog Post #1

Designing and Builded Rocket


For the design of our rocket we chose the nose cone to be sharp so that it can cut through the air easier and it can create a path for the rest of the rocket to go through. We choose the fins to be a triangle so the air can slide down the sides. We choose a thin rocket so it can be less weight. We wanted to do the fins with styrofoam so they are sturdy and they can not really flop over like cardboard. We decided to cover almost everything with tape so that everything is more sturdy but we did not want to add too much tape to the rocket so it is less weight and it will get off the launcher.


When we were building our rocket, our group did not agree on a lot of things like what tape we were going to use. Our inspiration board helped us because we wrote some materials that we would use so we looked at that. When we were building our rocket, we all wanted to do everything on some things that only one person can do, that the fin templates and taping the rocket. We agreed on somethings though, like how big the fins will be. Sometimes two people wanted something but the other two people wanted something else, so we had to sometimes compromise, and sometimes we had to pick the best way to do it.


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