Rocketry Blog Post #3

Our group changed the fins of our rocket because most other groups fins were small and went really high. That made our group thought that if we make the fins smaller, our rocket will go higher than the first launch. Also small fins would make the rocket lighter so that would also make it go higher than the first launch.


When we designed our second rocket some things went well and some things did not.. What went well was our whole group agreed to change the same thing right away. We all had the same idea, so it was really easy to decide what we were going to change on our second rocket. What did not go that well is our group also wanted to change some other things, like the nose cone. We can only change one thing though so we desighted right away that we were going to change the fins.


What went well with building our second rocket is we built the body fast, so we had more time to make the things that were harder, like the nose cone. We were able to do that longer, so it is better. What did not go well, is we did not all agree on the fins and which ones we were using. Someone thought we should not use the fins I made and we should use the ones they made. We ended up using both.


We collaborated on our design. We also took the time to collaborate on our fins because we smoothed them out to make them even. Also because we did not want our rocket to be really bumpy when the rocket is going up in the air. Our group compromized when we disagreed. When we did not agree on the fins we used both fins that both people made.


Rocketry Blog Post #4

We launched our second rocket and it went a lot higher than I thought. Our first rocket did not go that high, so I was really happy that our second one went much higher than the first rocket. We worked hard on our secod rocket, even if our group did not agree on some things.


What stood out about our rocket launch is it went a lot higher than the first one and it went straight back into the ground. My job was to push the launch button. I liked doing that becuase you basecly get to control the rocket and as soon as you press the button, it launches up in the air. I liked being a cinometer reader because you get to find out how high that groups rocket went. 


Our rocket went so much more than the first launch. It went 126 feet. We will change the fins to cardbord so we can see if that changes our rocket, even though we are not building a third rocket. We collaborated becuase we all did our jobs for the rocket launch.


Our group worked together well and our rocket went really high, and if we did a third rocket, I think that one would go higher than the second one! 

Rocketry Blog Post #2

We launched rockets that we made from scratch. We built and designed them. I was surprised to see the height it went. Our team worked together on building the rocket, and we were hoping that it would pay off and our rocket will launch really high into the sky. I learned that if you don’t work as a team, your rocket won’t go as high because not everyone’s work would be in the rocket and you have one less person to help you build it. Also you should not talk to your friends instead of helping because then you can say it is your rocket, but only you would no it is not really because you did not help.


For the launching part, we got our rocket ready by pumping the pumper to fifty so it had enough air pressure and they started counting down. I was hoping that it would go really high because we worked on the rocket for a while, and it would be sad if it did not even get off the launch pad. When they got to 1 the rocket launched of the launch pad. I thought it would go high but it did not. It went low compared to everyone else’s rockets but at least it got off the launch pad. When everyone else’s came down, they were all really happy and ran to get it. Our group did too, because even though it did not go as high as everyone else’s, it still went high. 


I think our group will change the fins because they were really big and I think that that added to much weight and also I think they took up too much space and the air slid down the side of the rocket too soon but if the fins were smaller they would be lower down so the air would not slide down the sides till about a half a second later which might help. Also all the groups whose fins were small got really high so maybe if our group does that, our rocket will go higher than it did in the first rocket launch.


I think our rocket group did good because even though our rocket did not go very high, it still got off the launch pad and our work paid off because it worked pretty good and in the second launch, I hope it will go even higher!


Rocketry Blog Post #1

Designing and Builded Rocket


For the design of our rocket we chose the nose cone to be sharp so that it can cut through the air easier and it can create a path for the rest of the rocket to go through. We choose the fins to be a triangle so the air can slide down the sides. We choose a thin rocket so it can be less weight. We wanted to do the fins with styrofoam so they are sturdy and they can not really flop over like cardboard. We decided to cover almost everything with tape so that everything is more sturdy but we did not want to add too much tape to the rocket so it is less weight and it will get off the launcher.


When we were building our rocket, our group did not agree on a lot of things like what tape we were going to use. Our inspiration board helped us because we wrote some materials that we would use so we looked at that. When we were building our rocket, we all wanted to do everything on some things that only one person can do, that the fin templates and taping the rocket. We agreed on somethings though, like how big the fins will be. Sometimes two people wanted something but the other two people wanted something else, so we had to sometimes compromise, and sometimes we had to pick the best way to do it.


Ignite Reflection

I thought the ignites went really well and I did a really good job. I thought I did well speaking loudly so that everyone can here me.

I thought I needed to do better speaking slower because at one point I was ahead of one of the slides but then I caught up even thought I was not ahead by a lot at all.

American Revolution Political Cartoon

My political cartoon is about the the colinists lighting the lantern to show that the british were coming but Paul Revere did not no where to light it.

I chose to do my political cartoon about that because I was thinking of ideas and I thought of something about him lighting the lantern. I did it from a loyalists point of view so I tried again and I came up with something from a patriots point of view because I am a patriot.

Colony Poster Reflection

I learned what the farmers grew at the farms. I learned what they grew because when we were making posters every one in your colony was going to do a job. I was the farmer. I learned that they grew potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and carrots on the farms. I also learned that the colonists came because they needed religious freedom from king George the 3rd. I also learned that the colonists had to work for a lot of hours a day and if they don’t they will get in trouble.