Closed a barrier, saying don’t come in

Its lock all rusted shut

Its handle stiff and cold

Its body grainy and old

Opened a portal of boundless opportunity

Calling out to all

Its hinges oiled

Its doorknob turns

To be opened it longs to be opened in yearns


  • You throw away the outside and eat the inside then you eat the inside and throw away the outside and eat the inside. What am I.
  • I start with T end with T and am filled with T. What am I.

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What is That?

When we were in Cabo San Lucas when we were walking down to the pool we saw something sitting on a rock. We looked closer there he was, just sunbathing on a rock. We had spotted an iguana. Here is a photo of the very same one.

Toasty Warm

Each night my family has been putting our fireplace to use. Every night there would be flames crackling. Colors and shades danced before our eyes. I would sit down, mesmerized by the burning wood. I just would lie down and be overcome by warmth and filled with heat. A book would be welcome then, to just sit and read, the pages glowing red and yellow. We have had fires like this before but until now I never realized how much it is to sit there, flames dancing in the center of your eyes.

Merry Christmas

My family just enjoyed some spirited Christmas celebrations. We switch off so every other year we go to Canada. This year we stayed home and my Grandparents came down. Christmas Eve brought a delicious meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, and yummy vegetables. As usual Christmas night seemed to take forever and I awoke at the break of dawn. Down by the tree it felt as the room, quiet, bright, and brimming with joy had been touched by magic. The tree was lit and underneath it were gifts begging to be loved. Hung on the were bright red stockings with gifts to one another

No matter what you celebrate the holidays should always be a time of love, peace, and joy.