The Vasa, a Floating Palace

In 1628 the Vasa sailed out into the Stockholm Archipelago. ¬†Four stories high and covered in more than 200 sculptures it looked like a floating palace. Finally, after many years in a shipyard the Vasa would be tested on water. It was launched on a test run with 100 people on board. The ship caught…

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Math with Dash

In math we did a project on area and perimeter. We used the dash robots to learn about this subject.

Quote of the Month, February 2018

  Quote of the Month February 2018   I think that this quote means that sometimes it is the little things that make it difference. It may not seem that way at the time, but like a ripple on a pond it spreads across the water.


Closed a barrier, saying don’t come in Its lock all rusted shut Its handle stiff and cold Its body grainy and old Opened a portal of boundless opportunity Calling out to all Its hinges oiled Its doorknob turns To be opened it longs To be opened in yearns


You throw away the outside and eat the inside then you eat the inside and throw away the outside and eat the inside. What am I. I start with T end with T and am filled with T. What am I. Post a comment if you know the answer.  

Brain Teaser

A woman is sitting in house. The curtains are closed, and there are no lights or candles. No light is being emitted into the room. The woman is reading. How is this possible. Post a comment if you know the answer.

What is That?

When we were in Cabo San Lucas when we were walking down to the pool we saw something sitting on a rock. We looked closer there he was, just sunbathing on a rock. We had spotted an iguana. Here is a photo of the very same one.