Quote of the Month

Quote of TheĀ  Month January 2018 I think that this quote means is that if you do your best today you can set yourself up to do even better tomorrow. All that counts is that you tried your best.

Toasty Warm

Each night my family has been putting our fireplace to use. Every night there would be flames crackling. Colors and shades danced before our eyes. I would sit down, mesmerized by the burning wood. I just would lie down and be overcome by warmth and filled with heat. A book would be welcome then, to…

Merry Christmas

My family just enjoyed some spirited Christmas celebrations. We switch off so every other year we go to Canada. This year we stayed home and my Grandparents came down. Christmas Eve brought a delicious meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, and yummy vegetables. As usual Christmas night seemed to take forever and I awoke at the…

Quote of the Month

Every month I will post a saying or quote. Watch out for them starting January 2018.

Meet Me

Hi, I’m Kate. Welcome to my blog. Here are some facts about me. I am in Mrs.Mcdermott’s 4th grade class. My favorite animal is a chinchilla, and my favorite food is pasta bolognese. I really like the color blue. I really, really love to read and I hope you will keep reading my blog.