Yosemite, a national park in  California.

My family really likes to explore different places so on this page I would like to post some of our explorations here.

  1.              1. This is a view of the town San Gimignano from a hill across from it. San Gimignano is a town southwest of Sienna and like many towns in the area, is quite pretty. We used to go to Italy often and do so less now but it will always be a place I hold dear.

2. This is Cabo San Lucas which is located on the tip of the Baja Peninsula. All year round it has a fairly different climate from New York. It is HOT. It is a really nice place to visit because depending who you are it can be really relaxing. In this photo I am sitting on the beach with my dad. We are probably relaxing after some beach-combing which is one fun activity Cabo is great for.

3. This is a photo of Juniper Island on Stoney Lake in Ontario.We go up to Stoney every year and Juniper Island is a great spot on the lake. On the Island there is a small shop, tennis courts and there are often activities or social events going on. Some activities you can do are tennis, sailing, swimming, and environment day camp. It is a great place for summer fun.