My family really likes to explore different places, so on this page I would like to post some of our explorations here.


Tuscany, Italy

 This is a view of the town Radicondoli  from another hill.

I’m sure you have heard of the Disney story Pinocchio,  but it was not actually originally out of the mind of Disney. Tuscany was where the story Pinocchio  was thought up. Tuscany is also a place my family enjoys visiting. If you enjoy wandering around towns and going into art galleries ant souvenir shops you may enjoy some of the area.


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

In this photo I am sitting on the beach with my dad


All year round it has a fairly different climate from New York. It is HOT. We love the change of scenery and weather, and have been here twice. Cabo is at the very tip of the Baja Peninsula. This means that is is never far to the beach. Despite its rocky shores, you still find numerous yellow strips. By May the Pacific is warming up, and people are putting together their beach bags. The water may not be 80 degrees, but that is fine with me.


Stoney Lake, ON, Canada

This is a photo of Juniper Island on Stoney Lake in Ontario.

We go up to Stoney every year. My family owns a small cottage on Stoney. Every summer we go there for 5-7 weeks. It is a great place to relax. At night you can hear the roar of motor boat engines and slap of waves against docks, a sound that sweeps you into the realm of sleep.  In the day, the sun glints off the water daring you to go in. In the summer heat the water feels refreshing, like drinking an icy glass of lemonade.