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Aww, Cute

A Personal Essay on the Topic of Chipmunks

By Kate Simpson

Have you ever seen a brown, striped, little creature running around in your garden or deck? Did you know that it is one of 25 different species of chipmunks. The chipmunk you are seeing is most likely an Eastern Chipmunk and is probably looking for food such as seeds or nuts. Chipmunks have always been special to me. I go to Ontario every summer and I feed chipmunks and am quite close to them as they live in the same environment that we live in. The reasons that chipmunks are special to me are, it is very fun (and funny) to feed them, they are smart and will do tricks, and I feel like I really understand them. For all of my life I have held chipmunks close, read on to find out more about why.

My first reason is it is very fun and funny to feed chipmunks. Because they stay in their burrows all winter they store food there. The nuts you feed them will go into storage for the winter. When chipmunks pick up a peanut they will put it their mouth on end at a time. Their cheeks puff out like balloons. One time I was afraid they’d pop. You’d be surprised how flexible their cheeks are. To earn chipmunks trust you can start with trails of peanuts so they know you are nice. One time I did this instead of making separate trips he kept trying to get more and more. It is funny and cute and a kind thing to do.

Onto number two, chipmunks are smart and if you teach them kindly they will do all sorts of tricks. In Ontario at our cottage, our little island is inhabited by two chipmunks. For example, one year we named them Captain (because he had a hole in his ear), and the other Scamper ( she was kind of skittish). After a bit the knew that we were talking about them when we said Scamper, Scamper. In addition to that if you teach them gently there is a wide array of tricks they can do. Stuff that Scamper and Captain will do are,

  • Go in your pocket.
  • Climb on your hands like stairs.
  • Walk up your leg or arms.
  • Even stand on their hind legs for the nut.

One of the coolest tricks I have ever seen was when a chipmunk put two nuts in their mouth, held one and pushed one along. Chipmunks aren’ t just dumb little rodents.

Last but not least I feel like I really understand them. Some people, instead of waiting will shove a nut in the chipmunks face or start talking loudly when they see a chipmunk. When I see that happen it really hurts me. It makes me think “Come on, why do you do that, he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t like it.” One time my friend started singing to Captain and when I said, “I don’t know that he likes that.” She replied, “Oh no he likes it, he really does.” Captain was backing off and quivering. Chipmunks have good hearing so round them you should tend to whisper. I think that if you spend a lot of time with anyone they will become close to you and you can really understand them.

As you can see, chipmunks will always fill a pocket in my heart. I love them so much, as much as you love your own dog or cat. They make me excited for summer vacation and sad to go home. Even though I can’t have a pet they fill that slot somewhat and I hope you have a fish or hamster or parakeet that you love like I love my chipmunks.

P.S. If you need someone to love you could get a pet chipmunk.






By Kate Simpson




Chapter 1

The Letter

“Honey look what we got in the mail,” my Mom called up the stairs.

Caroline saved her document and closed the screen on her laptop. She jogged down the stairs with Boot, her little dog bounding down the stairs just behind her. When she got to the bottom of the stairs she had to blink in the bright July sunlight. It was only 10:00 and the sun was shining mercilessly.

“Look at this,” my mom said. “It’s a letter addressed to you, but the envelope says Bluewater Academy of Science. Why in the world would it say that?”

I looked to see what she was holding in her hands and saw a milky white envelope with shiny blue lettering. I was forming words in my mouth to answer that I had no idea what it was, but my Mom was already grabbing the letter opener that she always kept on the table in the front hall, and slitting open the envelope. “Oh, it’s a scholarship!” my mom exclaimed. I’ll reply right, away.”

“Wait,” I said softly. “Mom, I don’t know that I want to go.”

“Of course you do,” she replied.


“ Oh all right,” she she said with a sigh, “but at least think it over.”

After my mom left the room I picked up the letter and brochure that were on the coffee table. I stretched out on the couch, the open window cast light across the neatly typed print. The breeze combed through my hair as I read what the letter had to offer.

     Bluewater Academy of Science

Dear Miss Hughes,

You have been accepted at the Bluewater Academy of Science with a full scholarship. We want children to receive a good education. At the BAS you can take classes ranging from chemistry to astronomy to researching. Term starts September tenth. Please come equipped with the following.

Caroline didn’t read any farther than that. Instead she flipped open the brochure and found the part about dormitories. There were some pictures of rooms painted in pale yellows and pinks. A caption said,

At the BAS we want student to get a good night’s sleep so more work can be accomplished.

Caroline sighed and pocketed the brochure and letter, and trudged up the stairs. “I’ll work on my story,” Caroline thought. “At least it will take my mind off things.” In her room Caroline sat down at her desk. Just as she was flipping her computer open she noticed her mom through the window. She was out watering the begonias in the garden below. She slowly let down the white shades with another sigh, and began to type. She typed and typed and let the world of neat lines of story carry her away. It was as if her story was the sun, and her a drop of water. She was evaporated and high in the sky of a world of pages until her mom, a big, wet storm cloud sent her down as droplet of rain for lunch.

Chapter Two


Walking up my friend’s front path I counted the stones edged with moss creeping up through the cracks and wondered, “Will Kylie have changed over the summer?” When I got to the front door I reached out my arm and touched my finger to the little yellow doorbell.

“Hurry up and ring it,” my mom complained. She was upset because the dew had soaked through her nice, new shoes.

I pressed the bell and immediately heard yapping from her dog Rover. Kylie opened the door with one hand and with the other held Rover. As it turned out my worries were all for nothing. I had a fantastic time at Kylie’s. When it was time to go it didn’t feel like I had been there seven hours, it felt like I had been there three. As our parents finished up their conversation we had a little time to chat by my mom’s car. In these couple minutes I found out a surprising piece of information. Kylie’s older sister was going to attend BAS.

When we got home that afternoon we found Boot running around in circles and yapping. I went up to him and brushed my hand through him super soft, chocolate brown fur. I scooped him up and took him out to our grassy front yard. I fetched his ball from under a bush. While I played with Boot I stopped thinking about schools for the first time in a few days. Later I thought, “It’s amazing how that little doggie can take your mind off things.

After dinner I lay on my bed thinking. I thought about how to get my mom to let me go to a different school so I could learn to write. Then I remembered the post-it I had written down a link to the Ontario School for Young Authors website on. I powered on my computer and typed in my password. Once on google I typed in OSYA.org. Almost immediately the website loaded and a home page popped up on my screen. I found in big maroon and blue letters at the top of the page, The School Best Teaching Writing in Canada for Four Years in a Row. “That will surely convince mom and dad that the school is good,” I thought. “but how will I convince them to pay for it?” I clicked on out and read one page, two, three, nine. Halfheartedly I clicked the next button. There were only three sentences on the page. They said, If you write a story and send it in by July 20th you can win half of your tuition paid for you. The story must be at least ten pages.Thank you, and have a nice year    

I know I won’t unless I win this contest,” I told myself.

Chapter 3

All Holed Up

Caroline typed and typed. When her mom yelled, “Dinner.” Caroline simply ran down the stairs heaped a plate with food, and ran back up as carefully as she could.

Later at night Caroline’s dad saw a faint white light filtering out from under Caroline’s door. He slipped out of bed slowly so not to wake up Caroline’s mom. He pushed his feet into his slippers and tiptoed through his door and across the carpeted floor. Carefully he eased open the door to avoid creaking. Once inside he saw Caroline asleep at her desk. Boot was licking the plate on the floor. She was asleep with her head on the keyboard of her computer. He eased the computer out from under her head and switched it with a pillow. Then before he powered the computer down he scanned the story and thought “Wow Caroline really can write.” Then he pressed send and slipped out of the now dark room.

In the morning when I was half awake I sat up with a jolt. My writing! It was July 20th! I ran to my dad.

I said, “I had a piece of writing. On my computer.”

“I know, I sent it,” he replied.

“But it wasn’t finished,”I argued.

“Honey, I read it. It was really quite good.” my dad said.

Despite what my dad had said to me I still worried all through the day.

Chapter 4


Three days after the stories were due I received an email, and not just any email. It said

Dear Miss Hughes,

Congratulations, you are tied with another young man for first place.As prize you will win a quarter of your tuition free. The judges really liked the story of Rocky and Rover. Good Job, OSYA.

I really wanted to holler the good news and jump up and down, but decided it was best not to. I held it in until dinner when my dad said with a mouthful of mashed potatoes, “Well Hon, are you going to Bluewater?”

“Well,” I said. “Um, I was kind of hoping I could go to a school where I could learn to write.” I drew a brochure out of my pocket and set it in front of them. “I kind of entered the school’s story contest…and won. They will pay a quarter of our tuition fees.”

“That’s amazing Caroline,” my mom said.

We didn’t mention it too much more that evening until I was in bed that evening.  My mom came in and kissed my forehead then sat down on the end of my bed. She said in a soft voice, “I’ve talked to daddy, and we have decided that if OSYA is where you want to go then you can. We just want whatever is best for you. And oh, sweetie we are so proud of you.”


I stood at the gate with my mom at my side. The ivy covered brick walls ahead of us took my breath away. They looked like something out of a fairytale. My eyes hardly closed as we walked along the path, following the signs that said, Dorms ➤. When we found the building called daffodil that I was in. I wrapped my hand around the cold, metal handle and opened the door I looked around while the creak of the door slowly slowly faded from the air. What I saw was a cozy room with some chairs sitting around coffee tables. Around the walls were shelves and on those shelves were, you guessed it, books. I was just getting around to wondering where all the rooms were when I noticed two halls going off the back of the room.

About the Author

Kate really enjoys reading and writing. She also really enjoys chocolate (doesn’t everyone). She loves the outdoors and being in nature, and two of her favorite places are Stony Lake and Yosemite. She lives in New York with her brother and parents and hopefully sometime a pet.


Everyone Should Have a Pet

Kate Simpson


Did you know that cats have 32 muscles in each ear, or that every dog’s nose print is unique? The reasons I think everyone should have a pet are these; they are great companions, they help you learn responsibility, they help you de-stress, and last but not least they help you get away from electronics and spend more time out of doors.


The first reason I think more people should have pets is that they are good companions. That here means they are good friends. If you have a bad day or you are feeling blue, sit down with your cat, dog, or rabbit and you will feel much better. I once laid down to sleep when a tad later Steve (the dog) flopped on top of my legs. It was very peaceful to have the warm body rising and falling on my legs. On the other hand, dogs can be very energetic. That can be great fun as well. Have you ever gone swimming with a dog or played fetch with one? You would know how great it is to hang out with a dog.


Pets help you learn to be responsible and mind your time. Different pets have different needs, but they all require food, doctoring, and exercise. Did you know that sharing the love and responsibility of a pet helps bring siblings together. Having a pet may have costs and hurdles to overcome, but they are loving and companionable and always there.


Did you know that 94% of pet owners say their pets bring smiles to their faces multiple times a day? They help you get rid of stress. Have you ever started worrying about the upcoming math test or your orchestra concert. Almost everyone has. Pets are a great help even though they can’t calm you with words. There are two ways your pet can reduce stress.

  1. You can talk to them. They will never walk off or say anything negative. They will always listen with a comforting aura. Somehow talking to a pet is always a great way to calm down.
  2. You can also just sit down with your pet and just stroke them or play with them. You will end up feeling comforted. This is because it lowers your blood pressure and increases the chemical in your brain called serotonin which makes you feel happier.

As you can see, pets make us happier, and that’s a fact.


My final reason is they help you unplug and get outdoors. Many people in the United States are always on the internet or texting, or playing around on electronics. Many pets help you control that. Dogs require you to take them for walks and give exercise to you, not just them. Pets are not just there like a stuffed animal. They want to play, they want to run. Once I was floating on a floatie with my neighbor’s dog Elvis. Even though I was shivering with cold I wished that moment would never end.


As you can see I think everyone should have a pet. They help you in so many ways and on the whole, dogs make you healthier. You should not just start thinking I don’t have any time or money to keep a pet because you can find a pet suited to your needs. Pets are great and fun and I hope you’ll listen to me. Get A Pet!


Fun Facts

  • Greyhounds are the world’s fastest dog.
  • Cats have 4 rows of whiskers.
  • Chinchillas have the softest fur in the world.
  • Goldfish don’t have stomachs
  • Hamsters can run up to a mile in a day.
  • Dogs sense of smell is 1000 times more powerful than a human’s.

Dogs sweat through foot pads.                                                                                                                                                                        

Outside of a dog a book is a man’s best friend. Inside a dog it’s too dark to read.

You can never be truly happy until a pet enters your life.


My main source was www.animalmedical.org