Today i did staining and i used the light golden brown stain.

it was very pretty it took me two days but I finished.


THIS IS MY BOX  I am almost done with my sanding with the belt sander now I just need to glue the back and front.

Almost done need to glue the top and bodum


Safety in tech 7

I think wearing safety goggles are very important because you are safe and no bad little peace’s of wood get in your eyes.

Also if your not sure about the project  your doing ask questions or ask your table partner.

don’t eat in the class while doing a project and if the teacher just says don’t eat.

don’t run around in the class while there are saws or something to cut but also you shouldn’t run.

technology part 6

Today 5/1/19 we learned about self driving cars.  It was super cool.

Well it is the next day and well today we are watching a movie about nikola tesla it was very boring from my opinion but it was ok.