Electoral College

 I think that the electoral college is cool the way it is because it’s like a Game where you have to earn 270 points to win. I like the suspense I have when I wake up the morning after election day to ask my mom who won.  So I think that the Electoral college is perfect the way it is.

Presidential Election 2020

The Presidential Election of 2020 is today! The two candidates are Joe Biden who is a democrat and Donald Trump who is a republican. I hope that Joe Biden wins the election because Joe Biden supports increasing levels of legal immigration. He calls the Trump administration’s actions on immigration—including a policy that required children to be separated from their adult relatives and placed in overcrowded detention centers after they arrived here illegally—a moral failure.  Immigration reform has been one of Donald Trump’s priorities since taking office. He has enacted strict policies that have restricted both legal and illegal immigration. Also, Joe Biden says he wants to protect and improve the Affordable Care Act. He says that as president, he would work to bring the cost of the Affordable Care Act insurance plans down for more people.

This is why I think Biden should be president. Vote for Joe Biden!

True Story Narrative

This true story narrative is a piece of writing we work  on in mid September . We were not supposed to finish it because Mrs. Rickard told us not to finish it.

Realistic Fiction Story

Native Americans Project

We worked on this project for about four weeks. We used categories like Daily Life, Maps, Government and photographs we were supposed to teach people who know nothing about this. If the words are small for you click on the black bar with a broken square.

Summer Book recommendations – Big Nate

Title : “Big Nate On a Roll”

Series : Big Nate Series

Author(s) : Lincoln Pierce

Recommended By : Kaito Tsukamoto


In “Big Nate On a Roll” Nate and his friends Francis and Teddy they all want prizes when he goes to a comic store he found something that was for 50 cents he read it and thought it was garbage but his sister’s boyfriend Gordie had a price guide for the book that said Bumble Boy issue #12 with pages that were flipped upside down was worth $1000! Will Nate win grand prize for his brand new skateboard or will the never losing Artur win against Nate? Read to find out.

I give this book a 5 out of 5 because it puts action words like Bam! Or Clonck! Or Shablam!


Image result for big nate on a roll

Math Graphing – Bar Graphs and Pictographs

In my graphing project I asked my classmates and teachers “What’s your favorite food?” The options were pizza, sushi, steak, hot dogs, and hamburgers. I tallied my results and made a bar graph. On my slideshow I created both a pictograph and bar graph. The hard part was making the pictograph with squares and images. I hope you   final google slides presentation.