November 2017 archive


One windy Tuesday, my mom, brother, and I came home. I was so excited because I got my Pikachu costume.

In the car, I kept on saying over and over again: “Today’s going to be the best day ever!”

So when I saw the package, I almost screamed. My costume! Yay! When I went home, I immediately asked my mom: “Can you help me open this?”

She replied: “Sure!”

I watched my mom open the package. The picture of the model wearing the pokemon dress was there. I really wanted to look at it but I just couldn’t wait another second to see my costume.

The costume was yellow. The pokemon’s face was on the hood. The two ears were super floppy.

I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t wag the tail. I thought; “No! I want the tail to be unattached!” But I said nothing.

Before I chose my costume, I wanted to be Jigglypuff but the face looked kind of weird. Jigglypuff has this swirl on it’s head. The girl dressed in it held a microphone because in this show, Jigglypuff sings. Squirtle also looked weird so that was out too. The shell in front was dirt brown. It’s tail has a swirl on it. I wanted to be Charizard but Pikachu looked cuter so I decided to be Pikachu.  Maybe next year I could be Charizard. Maybe.

I really wanted to wear my costume so I went to my dad’s office and put my costume on.

I remembered on Sunday when I told my brother that Tuesday, my costume was coming, he said, “Tuesday’s going to be the worst day ever!”

He kept on saying that so it got stuck in my head. So when my Pikachu costume came. Surprisingly, my brother said nothing.  Very interesting!

I decided to wear it in front of my babysitter!

I waited a long time for my babysitter to come. I forgot a lot so it didn’t really matter.

I finished my English and Chinese homework but didn’t finish my math and piano homework so I had to do it in front of the babysitter.


I thought, I wish the babysitter was Sarah.  But it didn’t work. There was a knock on the door.

“It’s the babysitter!” I said excitedly as I raced to the door to meet the babysitter.