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Reflection on Persuasive Writing Experience

My persuasive essay was about we should appreciate Mrs. Turiano. I learned that you need to talk to your audience, we need to have a lot of evidence,  we need to have bold words, not have wishy-washy words, and I needed a lot of lessons to write a persuasive essay. I had about twelve lessons to write my persuasive essay. I also learned to organize my work, chunking my small paragraphs into big paragraphs and asking questions that you think the audience would ask.

I feel good about my video but I felt that my video  was not that good because I needed to look up from my paper to look at the audience. All I was looking at in my video was my paper. I also thought that my video persuaded my audience. I need more bold words in my essay too. I felt nervous when I was videotaped.