Plant Blog Post #4

A seed pod is a pod and inside, it has black seeds. It also has a shell that protects the seeds inside. It grows near the pistil on a flower. It’s sometimes skinny and sometimes fat. The pod is green.

The plant cycle is: First, the seed gets planted. Next, it grows with water and sunlight. When the plant grows leaves, it will use photosynthesis to give itself food. The roots find water underground. When the flower part of the plant grows, pollinators (Bees, butterflies, etc.) come and pollinate the flower. The sticky pollen sticks to the pollinator and when the pollinator goes to the next flower or plant, that’s called pollinating. After that plant gets pollinated, the petals fall of and the plant dies. The seeds stick on the petal and the plant cycle goes all over again.

Yesterday, my group and I picked seed pods from the Wisconsin Fast Plants and today, we opened the seed pods. We got six seeds from the seed pods. Yesterday, we dried the seed pod under a lamp so today, it would be easier for us to open the seed pods. We picked out two  big seed pods from our plant. I wonder, What if the Wisconsin Fast Plant is in nature? How will the seeds come out of the pod?

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