Maglev Post #3

Our first design on the track was to use strip magnets, 4-6 each and in a row to fill the track. Our first design on our train was to use disc magnets, 1-2 each and put them on opposite sides.

One of our problems was that the train magnets weren’t lined up with the track magnets so we lined up the magnets on the train with the magnets on the track. We looked at the track and the train to do it.

For our final design, for the tracks, we used strip magnets like our first design, 6 of them and 3 on the long sides. For the train, we used strip magnets instead of disc magnets, 2 of them and 1 on two opposite sides. Our model worked because our magnets on the train lined up with the magnets on the track, our train levitated and our train moved across the track with the rocks in a paper cup safely and efficiently.

We were excited in the beginning because we never made a model of a maglev train. We were frustrated a lot in the middle and the end of the process because sometimes our magnets attracted when it was suppose to repel. And also, a lot of times, the train couldn’t levitate across the track.

Technology is…

You might think that all technology is electronics but you’re wrong. What makes technology is stuff that people created to solve problems and make things easier and helpful to do.

My object is a paperclip. It’s bendable and at both of the ends, they’re pointy. The paperclip is also really light, it’s smooth and colored. The paperclip is technology because it helps to put things together so if you have a few pieces of paper, you just slip it on in the middle and the pieces of paper will stay together. It makes life better because it helps organize things and put pieces of paper together.

The paperclip is made out of metal.

This is the paperclip I had.


Maglev Post #2

What we did today that worked was that we got the magnets on the track to line up with the magnets on the train. Before we figured out that we had to do that, our magnets on our track attracted with the magnets on the train. We needed like poles and since the magnets are not labeled, we needed to find a system. So we marked the tape on the magnets with stars so we would know which side would repel and which side would attract. We also got the train to levitate a little higher with some more strip magnets.

What we did today that failed was that we tried to put some magnets on the side the train was going to on the attract side and a few magnets on the beginning of the track on the repel side. We thought the magnets on the repel side would give a push to the train and the train would get attracted to the magnets on the attract side so the train would move there, but that didn’t work. I learned from my failure that we needed stronger magnetic forces.

My goals for the next session is to get the train to move to the other side with a slight push and for the train to not tip over.

This is my group with our maglev model.

Maglev Train Post #1

A maglev train is a train that works on magnets. It levitates and goes really fast. The maglev train levitates because of magnets. The magnets on the track repels with the magnets on the train. My group’s idea was to put 4-6 strip magnets on the track and 1-2 disc magnets on the train.

Today, we made our train levitate. Before, we got it to levitate but then one of our group members wanted to tape the magnet on the train and after she did that, we couldn’t make it levitate again. But we couldn’t make the maglev train move with a slight push.

The challenging part was to make the train levitate, then it was making the train move with a slight push. What worked well was that my group got to make our train levitate on the train track. Also, we all worked together so that was the best part. I think this activity is really fun.

This is my group’s sketch for our maglev train. Mrs. Maglevs is our group name.

My Expert Book – Chinese New Year


The assignment was to make a book that you’re an expert on. My teacher also told us that expert books aren’t just facts, facts and more facts. There are also statistics, quotations, observations, lists, labels and many more! I used a lot of tools for this assignment. Before I typed a lot of this, I thought I was so behind. But then when I went home to type, I felt so much better. This book took a really long time to make.  I wrote this book because I knew a lot about Chinese New Year. At first I wanted to write about China but then I realized that just because I went to China a lot of times doesn’t mean that I will know a lot about China. The chapter names were kind of easy. My chapter 3 was first going to be “Christmas V.S. Chinese New Year” But then, after an assembly, my teacher suggested to do “New Year’s Day V.S. Chinese New Year” instead of “Christmas V.S. Chinese New Year.” One time, when my teacher said that we had to find some vocabulary words, I couldn’t find any vocabulary words. And then, at school, I just magically found the word resolution to add in my book. Now I have five vocabulary words in my glossary. I’m  going to give credit to a classmate because when my teacher suggested traditions, he said: “Why don’t you do Chinese New Year?”  I’m also going to give credit to Pebble Go. I used some facts from there. I learned also not to use ‘I’ in my story. It’s not a personal narrative.   For text features, I used a map in chapter one and I used two labels in the introduction. I used a mini story in chapter four. For my introduction, I got the ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ part from this article except the article said ‘Play ball’ instead of ‘Happy Chinese New Year.’ The technology part was pretty fun and cool. Especially the linking part. And the switching slide part. Also, I learned that you don’t do a background. Thank you, Mr. Casal! So that’s how I got this good in my book.

My book is called Chinese New Year. I hope you’ll enjoy it! And here it is…

Reflection on Persuasive Writing Experience

My persuasive essay was about we should appreciate Mrs. Turiano. I learned that you need to talk to your audience, we need to have a lot of evidence,  we need to have bold words, not have wishy-washy words, and I needed a lot of lessons to write a persuasive essay. I had about twelve lessons to write my persuasive essay. I also learned to organize my work, chunking my small paragraphs into big paragraphs and asking questions that you think the audience would ask.

I feel good about my video but I felt that my video  was not that good because I needed to look up from my paper to look at the audience. All I was looking at in my video was my paper. I also thought that my video persuaded my audience. I need more bold words in my essay too. I felt nervous when I was videotaped. 


One windy Tuesday, my mom, brother, and I came home. I was so excited because I got my Pikachu costume.

In the car, I kept on saying over and over again: “Today’s going to be the best day ever!”

So when I saw the package, I almost screamed. My costume! Yay! When I went home, I immediately asked my mom: “Can you help me open this?”

She replied: “Sure!”

I watched my mom open the package. The picture of the model wearing the pokemon dress was there. I really wanted to look at it but I just couldn’t wait another second to see my costume.

The costume was yellow. The pokemon’s face was on the hood. The two ears were super floppy.

I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t wag the tail. I thought; “No! I want the tail to be unattached!” But I said nothing.

Before I chose my costume, I wanted to be Jigglypuff but the face looked kind of weird. Jigglypuff has this swirl on it’s head. The girl dressed in it held a microphone because in this show, Jigglypuff sings. Squirtle also looked weird so that was out too. The shell in front was dirt brown. It’s tail has a swirl on it. I wanted to be Charizard but Pikachu looked cuter so I decided to be Pikachu.  Maybe next year I could be Charizard. Maybe.

I really wanted to wear my costume so I went to my dad’s office and put my costume on.

I remembered on Sunday when I told my brother that Tuesday, my costume was coming, he said, “Tuesday’s going to be the worst day ever!”

He kept on saying that so it got stuck in my head. So when my Pikachu costume came. Surprisingly, my brother said nothing.  Very interesting!

I decided to wear it in front of my babysitter!

I waited a long time for my babysitter to come. I forgot a lot so it didn’t really matter.

I finished my English and Chinese homework but didn’t finish my math and piano homework so I had to do it in front of the babysitter.


I thought, I wish the babysitter was Sarah.  But it didn’t work. There was a knock on the door.

“It’s the babysitter!” I said excitedly as I raced to the door to meet the babysitter.