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20 Facts On The Boston Tea Party

  1. It took place on December 16, 1773.
  2. It was a protest by the American Colonists against the British in regards to the tea taxes that had been imposed on them.
  3. This protest involved throwing chests of tea from three British trade ships into the Boston Harbor.
  4. The colonist group, the Sons of Liberty, organized the Boston Tea Party to protest the Tea Tax created by the British.
  5. The import tax on tea imposed through the Tea Act was actually lower than what the colonists had already been paying.
  6. John Crane was the only “tea parier” man harmed in the Boston Tea Party.
  7. American colonists consume 2 to 3 cups of tea each day.
  8. It took place a few years after the Boston Massacre.
  9. The three ships in the Boston Harbor that were raided in the Boston Tea Party included the Dartmouth Ship, the Eleanor Ship, and the Beaver Ship.
  10. The fourth ship, the William, ran aground in a storm off Cape Cod and never made it to the Boston Harbor.
  11. The Dartmouth Ship was carrying 114 chests of tea.
  12. The 342 chests of tea would have made approximately 19 million cups of tea.
  13. All 342 chests of tea were dumped into the Boston Harbor in the protest, destroying all of it.
  14. The chests of tea on the three ships included 240 chests of cheap black tea, 32 chests of superior cheap back tea, 10 chests of superior black tea, and 60 chests of green tea.
  15. The Tea that was marketed in America, was sold by shipment dealers selected by the East India Trading Company.
  16. Most of the tea from the East India Trading Company was actually from China.
  17. The Boston Tea Party monitored another pre-Revolutionary occasion called the Boston Massacre that occurred on March 5, 1770.
  18. 90% of the tea drank in the colonies was smuggled in.
  19. The new import tax on tea of 3 pence was considerably less than the previous one.
  20. Only ships owned by the East India Company could carry tea.


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Practice Ignite

In this blog post, I’m going to be talking about my Ignite. What is an Ignite? An Ignite is a five minute presentation on a topic. And think about it as a story. You would tell a story on, let’s say, gymnastics, if you like gymnastics. My presentation is one minute and forty five seconds long. I was given the choice to do whatever topic I want. So I chose Greek Mythology. I think doing an Ignite is fun, except presenting it. I always get nervous. This is a practice Ignite, because after this Ignite, I’m going to do an official one on Colonial America, but that’s later. In the process, I wrote stuff in a script, and then, after that, made a slideshow with pictures, no words. It’s because I’m going to be talking, so if I put words on the slideshow, then the audience would focus on the words, and not me. In the speaker notes, I put in my script for each slide. In total, there are seven sides, and an eighth slide that says “Time is up!” There’s an eighth slide that says “Time Is Up”, so that you wouldn’t keep talking. Each slide would stay up for fifteen seconds, so I would have to talk for fifteen seconds. Originally, there’s supposed to be twenty six slides. In the script, there are four sections: time, picture, slides, and words. In the beginning of the project, I was super nervous. But now, I’m mostly not nervous, except on the part that I have to present it to twenty three people, plus, their parents. But I love doing this project because it’s super fun and exciting. Mr. Casal kept on teaching me what to do, so that’s how I got to here.