Cultural Universals

Cultural Universals is Politics, Cultural Arts, Beliefs, Social Aspects and

The leader of my house is my mom and dad. Most of our rules are for safety. For example, don’t open the door if someone knocks and I don’t know them and a grown-up isn’t home. Also, we don’t pick-up phone calls if we don’t know the number. My dad works at a insurance company. We have a TOYOTA van and a BMW. My family celebrates Chinese New Year and Christmas. Every time it’s Chinese New Year, my brother and I both get $100. I am Asnic Chinese. The sports I do are Martial Arts, swimming, tennis, softball and basketball. I play the piano. I want to play the viola or the cello. My school is Heathcote. We have about 30 hours a week.

I chose these land marks on the map because they are part of my life. I live in Scarsdale. My mom sometimes goes to Lord & Taylor to shop for clothes. My mom and I sometimes go to Balducci’s to get a sandwich. Sometimes I go to the Crossway to play tennis. My school is Heathcote and it’s located on Palmer Ave. One time, I went to the Greenburgh Nature Center. My brother is going to go to the Scarsdale High School soon.