Moon Blog March 17th

Today marks day nineteen of our moon phase blog. You will be expected to:

  • go outside to view the moon
  • record your observations on my blog
  • include date, time and conditions of the sky when you observed
  • and include a fact you know or just learned about the moon or anything interesting about astronomy
  • maybe try the sky guide app

Make sure to proofread over what you have written to make sure that you included capital letters, proper punctuation, correct spelling and that your post makes sense. Have fun!

Moon rise time:  No moon rise today

Moon set time: 9:56am

20 thoughts on “Moon Blog March 17th

  1. Today is March 17th at 7:02 am. I am looking at last night’s moon. I see a waning gibbous. I see no clouds. The sky, as you look, gets brighter and brighter as you look farther away. Purple to Blue to Pink to Orange to Yellow! The effect of gravity is only about one fifth (17%) as strong on the surface of the Moon compared to the strength of gravity on the surface of the Earth.

  2. Today at 7:34 A.M. March 17th, this is for March 16th. The sky was clear and windy. I saw the moon, It looked like a waning gibbous or maybe not. The Moon was so clear you can see through it! I could not see the rest of it, It was just the sky the space that is not there.

  3. Today it is March 17th. At 7:40am.This moon was the 16th but it rose at 11:08, so I did it today day I have until 9:56am on the 17th. Today the moon is a waning gibbous.

  4. Today is March 17th but this blog is for March 16th but the moon rose sometime late. The time is 8:18 A.M. The sky is clear. I can see the moon. It’s a waning gibbous! I can’t wait for the new moon! According to Science Kids, The phases of the Moon are: New Moon, Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, Crescent, New Moon and the cycle goes around again.

  5. Today is March 17th at 8:24AM. When I looked up at the sky it was sunny. When I looked up at the sky I could not see the moon. The moon was a Waning Gibbous.

  6. Today March 17th at 7:20pm. The sky was dark and cloudy. I saw the moon and it was a waning gibbous. I saw Mars, Jupiter and Venus. I used Sky Guide to see all of these things.


  7. Today is March 18th at 7:32 am. I’m looking for yesterday’s moon. It was cloudy, so I could not see the moon. It was a gibbous moon.

  8. Today is the morning of March 17 and right now I saw the moon. Here are some cool facts about the moon, according to 10 Facts About The Moon first, It would take hundreds of thousands of moons to equal the brightness of the sun.

  9. Today is March [18] The moon was a Waning Gibbous. The sky was clear the moon looked a little like a half, but had a little more white spots then a half. Today the moon was on the left side of the sky because it was waning. When it’s waxing the moon is on the right side of the sky. When it’s dark out the moon lights up the sky when it’s light out and I look out side it kind of blends in with clouds. Also when it’s dark out I saw a outline now because I look when it’s light out there is no outline.

  10. Today is March 18th at 9:22am and I am looking at last night’s moon. The Earth’s tides are largely caused by the gravitational pull of the Moon.

  11. Today is March 17th at 7:30. I saw the moon, it was bright and it was a waning gibbous. I learned that in China, the dark marks on the moon are called “the toad in the moon.”

  12. Hi guys! It’s so cool that you are observing the moon. Hi Mrs.Degrazia! It is Natasha. Member me? 4th grade at Fox Meadow? We miss you!!!

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