Moon Blog March 19th

Today marks day twenty-one of our moon phase blog. You will be expected to:

  • go outside to view the moon
  • record your observations on my blog
  • include date, time and conditions of the sky when you observed
  • and include a fact you know or just learned about the moon or anything interesting about astronomy
  • maybe try the sky guide app

Make sure to proofread over what you have written to make sure that you included capital letters, proper punctuation, correct spelling and that your post makes sense. Have fun!

Moon rise time:  12:59am

Moon set time: 11:11am

6 thoughts on “Moon Blog March 19th

  1. Today at 7:44 P.M. I did not see the moon. I might have lost track of it because using the skyview
    App the moon set. The sky was clear, and it was not windy. The sun was setting.

  2. Today is March 20 the morning of March 19 and the time is 7:56am and I did see the moon it was facing left and it was a waning 1st quarter and the sky conditions are clear.

  3. Today is March 20th at 8:02am. I am looking at last night’s moon. It is a waning gibbous. It drifts into the distance. The Soviet Union’s Luna program featured the first successful landing of an unmanned spacecraft on the surface of the Moon in 1966.

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