Lima Beans 3rd Week

We made observations to see how lima beans would grow with water, sunlight, and air as our controlled experiment. We made observations on another baggie of lima beans that had no sunlight as the manipulated variable. Last, we took data to observe a baggie of lima beans with no air as the manipulated variable.  Over the last three weeks, we watched these seeds grow.  Please post on your blog and remember to make paragraphs and add good details.

* (Maybe use a  compare and contrast text structure:)

We had some questions during the experiment.

  • Can the seeds grow without soil?
  • How do the seeds look compared to the controlled experiment (no air, no sunlight)?
  • Why do they look different?
  • What did you notice from your data as the seeds grew into a plant? (give details about the seed coat, embryo, food storage…)
  • Add your media to help us visualize your observations

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