Literary Essay – “Ruby the Copycat” (Text Evidence)

On the padlet link below, think of the story you have read called “Ruby the Copycat” by Peggy Rathmann. Look for text evidence to support each of the claims posted on the padlet. Place the evidence that supports that claim directly underneath the idea it supports.

When posting, make sure you:

  • In the subject/topic section put your first and last initial and class number as one word.
  • Write your answer in the section provided.
  • Use correct punctuation (periods, question marks, commas, exclamation points, etc.)
  • Use correct spelling
  • Use capital letters when needed
  • Match your text evidence to the correct thesis statement by placing your post underneath the correct idea. You may have to rearrange your post as others will be posting too.


Ruby the Copycat Padlet

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