What Makes Something Technology?

TECHNOLOGY: Something made by humans to make life easier or to solve a problem. 

We have been talking about what makes something technology. Is a tree technology? Does technology need to involve electricity or batteries?

On YOUR BLOG, please write a post that explains the object you looked at last week and include:

  • What makes something technology?
  • What makes YOUR object technology?
    • What problem did YOUR object solve?
    • How did it make life better?
    • What material or materials is your object made of?

Your post should also include the photograph of your object found in the “Technology Photos” folder that is found in your drive in “Shared with me”.


The next few weeks we will be exploring poetry.  Take a look at the links below and read as many poems as you can this week.  In your writing notebook write down what you notice about the poems you read.  Do they have rhythm, alliteration, rhyming, onomatopoeia, personification, similes or metaphors? Are the poems narratives, lyrical, funny or free verse?





After collecting your ideas please post the following on the padlet below:

  • What is the title of the poem?
  • What does the poet do?
  • Give an example from the poem to show the poetry device used
  • Put your initials and # on the post
  • Remember correct spelling and punctuation

Padlet on poetry noticings and examples