On Monday we investigated and learned about electromagnets. See the attached video how to make an electromagnet. We made one in class too.


We discovered many things about them:

  • What happens to the electromagnet if you disconnect one of the wires from the battery?
  • What’s the fewest coils of the wire that it takes to pick up a single paper clip?
  • What things are attracted to a permanent magnet, such as a refrigerator magnet? Are these same things also attracted to the electromagnet?
  • Are there any differences between what the permanent magnet and the electromagnet can do?
  • Under what conditions were your electromagnets the strongest?

Let’s learn more from the BrainPop video below.

  • Click on the link and watch the whole video, then post something new that you learned.
  • Remember to write with correct spelling and punctuation.
  • Try to post something different from your peers too.

Electromagnet video from Brainpop

Padlet for Electromagnets


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