In our science Unit 2, you are learning about relationships in past and present ecosystems. In class we have been analyzing data to interpret the environments in which organisms have lived long ago, and we are exploring the relationships between habitats and the organisms that live in them today.

Our BIG IDEA is: How do organisms interact with each other and their environment to survive?

In addition the past few lessons we have been learning about geologic timelines and fossils. Please read the article below Earth’s Systems:Geologic Time.

A padlet is provided below for you to record something new that you learned from this article.

Earth’s Systems:Geologic Time Article

Padlet on article

After you have read and completed the padlet, you can rewatch the videos below to support your thinking and understanding from class. Enjoy!

Brainpop video on Fossils

Video showing different time eras

Animals Through Time Video  

(The above video may not work at home)


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