Maglev Day 2

We have finished our second day of designing, planning and creating our Maglev Transportation System. Your group worked really hard to test out the design you developed to see if the train has safely and efficiently traveled along the track without any problems. In your Google Drive you will type up your Blog Post #2. This will be placed in your Science Folder in your Google Drive.

Here is the Blog Post Requirements:

Paragraph #1:

  • What did you do today that worked? Be specific!
    • Types of magnets
    • Placement of magnets

Paragraph #2:

  • What did you do today that failed?
  • What did you learn from your failure?
  • What changes did you make because of your failure?

Paragraph #3:

  • Talk about your goals for your next design session

Be sure to check over your work in your Google Drive BEFORE you post it to your blog. Look for:

  • Proper capitalization and punctuation
  • Spelling and grammar
  • That you answered each question in FULL sentences
  • Your writing reflects your work throughout day 2 of the Planning and Creating stages of the Engineering and Design Process
  • You have used the Engineering Design Process and Magnetism Vocabulary provided to you

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