Magnets and Static Electricty

We continue to explore forces.  Recently, we have been working closely with magnets and learning about static electricity.

Here are some questions to think about before watching the video below:

MAGNETS & STATIC ELECTRICITY DEFINITION Forces can be applied at a distance through magnetism and static electricity. A magnet is an object that can attract some metals like iron. Static electricity can also attract objects without touching them, but it works a bit differently. It can attract and repel due to electrical charges.

***Watch the video below from Generation Genius to learn more. Then complete the worksheet provided. You can pause the video to write down your answers. After all of this is complete you can check out the other resources below.

Magnets and Static Electricity

After the video you will understand the following concepts:

  • Forces can be applied at a distance through magnetism and static electricity.
  • The closer magnets are, the stronger the force.
  • Magnets can push or pull other magnets, depending on the poles.
  • Electromagnets can be turned on and off with electricity.
  • Static electricity can push or pull things without touching them

Here are some other resources to read or watch about magnets. Also, I know many of you enjoyed watching the nine experiments with static electricity, I included that video too. Enjoy and have fun!

Trueflix Magnets


DK Magnets– Click on the quiz

Reading Mystery Books

In our reading Mystery unit of study we are learning the different elements that are in mystery books. We used The Absent Author and The Whodunit, The Diamond Mystery as our read aloud and mentor texts. You can click on the links below to remind yourself how do mystery books go and how do you read mystery books from the beginning, middle and end of this genre?


How do mystery books go?

Mystery readers look for…

Also, we have been working on retells after each chapter using a timeline to help track and hold onto information in our reading notebooks. Last, we are practicing to write 3rd grade summaries.  Look at your chart in your notebook to remind yourself what a 3rd grade summary looks like.  Otherwise, Here is the learning progression retell/summary chart for easy access.

Please post one of  your summaries on your blog.  Here are some guidelines to help you write a successful post:

  • First write in google docs (in writing folder, name your doc “summary and the book title”) because this is a long post and will not save automatically in your blog
  • Remember to use character names, big events, problem and solution, and a lesson (who, wanted, but, so, then…)
  • Reread your summary and take out any details that are not necessary to tell (big events)
  • Proofread and edit for capitals, punctuation, and spelling
  • Copy and paste your work from google docs to your blog (command c- copy and command v- paste)
  • In your blog remember to write a few sentences to introduce what you learned about summaries before you paste it into your blog
  • Add categories and tags on your blog
  • Save draft
  • Publish when you completed your checklist above



Did you know that magnets have a force of their own? Much like the pushing and pulling we have been talking about, magnets make things move. Watch the Brainpop Jr. Video below and continue to think about magnetism as a force.

Magnets on Brainpop Jr. video

  • You can post your thoughts on the padlet link below.
  • Please include your first name, so we know who wrote each response.
  • Elaborate and provide evidence from the video (text) to support your answers.
  • As always, please look at your spelling and punctuation before completing your post.

Padlet on Magnets

Khan Academy Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping

Please use the links from Khan Academy below to practice and further understand the math skills we have been working on in class.  I would recommend watching one link per night since there is a lot information to review. Enjoy and have fun being a flexible mathematician, as you continue to think about different strategies and visualizing numbers in many different ways.

Breaking apart 3-digit addition problems

Adding and subtracting on number line

Worked example: Subtracting 3-digit numbers (regrouping)

Missing number for 3-digit addition within 1000

Applet to learn about patterns in a pendulum

We learned that a pendulum is a weight that hangs from the end of a rope, wire, or string in motion.  One end of the wire is attached to a fixed point. In our lesson students made a pendulum with a 7 inch string with a donut, and watched it swing three cycles. One student was a timekeeper and another student recorded the time it took the pendulum to swing in three cycles.  Students then changed the length of the string to 5 inches and recorded how long it took the pendulum to swing  for three cycles. Again, students recorded their data and compared the data from this one changed variable (the length of the string). What patterns did you notice?

Click on the link  below to view the experiment:

Pendulum Swing Video

Now that we found through our experiment that changing the length of a pendulum changes the time it takes to complete a swing; the shorter the pendulum, the faster it swings.

You can continue to explore with the applet below to change another variable.  Maybe you will change the amount of friction or the amount of gravity.  Remember to only change one variable at a time to have a fair test method. Have fun and experiment with the applet and remember to find patterns with the pendulum. Here are some questions to reflect about while exploring:

  • What makes a swing similar to a pendulum? 
  • Why do you need to push and pump to get yourself going in the first place? 
  • What makes you (or any pendulum bob) keep coming down to the ground and not flying off into the air?
  • What makes you (or any pendulum bob) keep going up? ) Hint:.TAKE AWAY FRICTION (force) see what happens.
  • How could we change the rate of the pendulum swing? 

***Here is an applet that shows a pendulum that you can virtually manipulate. You will need to download this. 

You can lengthen or shorten the string, add friction, add more or less gravity.