Thursday, March 26~ ELearning

Please watch the video below first, then read the post since I don’t read the whole post in the video:

Remember to plan out your day. Do an assignment. Take a mental break (go outdoors, listen to music, play a board game – whatever you need.) Then come back and tackle another assignment. That seems to be the best approach and one where you can get the most out of your day!

Please remember to visit the specials websites:  Heathcotegateway E-Learning options 


Have you seen what Ms. Cameron has posted for you on the Heathcote Gateway

She has been busy getting ready to connect with you on Google Classroom. This is your code:

3rd Grade-DeGrazia cerscce

Write it down and put it somewhere that you will remember. 

Click on the link above, choose Google Classroom Setup on the left, and follow the instructions. You’ll need this code to connect. 

WONDER READ ALOUD: Join RJPalacio live every weekday from 12-12:45. Don’t have twitter? Just go to!

Yesterday our zoom session went really well again! Please remember to listen carefully to the reading lesson, so you know what to do with your book club members. I will meet with students #11-15 tomorrow after the lesson. If someone still has a question that was not answered, you can certainly stay on and ask after our lesson.

Questions? Continue to add to our class Padlet: E-Learning Questions

Our zoom session today will be at 11 a.m. (reading lesson on secondary characters). I shared a google doc titled “Zoom Sessions with 3D” in your Social Studies Folder in your Drive with an updated link. Please have paper and a pencil ready for our reading lesson.


I hope you were able to connect with your book club members again. How does your story mountain look? Did you find more than one problem? How did your character react to the problems? Remember to list the problems and reactions on a separate sheet of paper to discuss with your book club members.

Also, please remember to post on your own blog  some time this week or early next week about your reading work. You can explain that every story has a story mountain and you can include a picture of the one you are either creating or created. Another idea would be to post a list of problems and your character’s reactions to the problems.  Your blog post should be a reflection about what you are learning in reading. I will review this after our zoom session too.

Session 9 is ready for you and your book club members. Remember to continue your story mountain work daily. This is one way to pause, think, and jot.  Readers will be at different parts of their story depending where you are in your book; beginning, middle,  or end.

Session 9(If you cannot download this—I also put it into your reading folder.)

Secondary Character Organizer

This organizer should be used to stop and jot ideas about your secondary characters. Talk about this chart with your book club.

Below I added our character traits lists that you can print:

character traits list 1

character traits list 3

Here are some reminders from our zoom sessions to think about while you read.



Please listen to “Because of Winn Dixie”  chapters 20-21 after our 11am zoom session today. It is in your reading folder. You will need to listen to both chapters before our Zoom session on Friday @11am.

Read a book for 30 minutes. Choice:



Seesaw BOOK REVIEW:  Write a book review on any fiction book that you read this year.  You can take a picture of the book cover on your computer and  insert it into Seesaw. Please do a recording of your book review. I forgot to put this in the directions on SeesawThis is due by Friday.



Watch the video made by Mrs. Mangan to learn about finding area of a shape by subtracting negative space.


Workbook p173(Copy and paste in E-Learning Slideshow under math, date and workbook p 173)

Negative space problem(Please copy and paste into your E-Learning Slideshow under math, date and name negative space).

REFLEX MATH– 3 green dots by Friday

OptionalFun Math Puzzle Challenge(Put in E-Learning Slideshow this week)


Social Studies~ Cultural Universal Project Continued…

Today, you will see another Cultural Universal slideshow in your SS folder called Social Aspects. Please copy each slide into your E-Learning Slideshow under SS with the date. We will review this assignment after our reading lesson today on zoom. This part of your project is due on Friday. Feel free to fill it out directly on the slides (erase the lines and type your answers) or print it out to hand write the information.

NOTE: Many of you are writing about Corona virus experiences. Please think about what you and your family did before we have been quarantined at home:) Use proper grammar and descriptive language to give good details.

Cultural Universals Graphic Organizer You can print this organizer and keep it next to you to help understand each one better.  I find it helpful to see the 5 cultural universals and the subtopics in front of me. You will need this for the whole project.


Words Their Way- Spelling

Continue to repeat any activities that are needed. Please complete 2 activities per day and “Turn in all” Friday.






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