Bar Model Tutorials

Our class has been working hard learning about problem solving strategies.  We have become experts with addition and subtraction bar modeling with one-step and two-step problems.  Another way to learn more deeply about problem solving is to teach problem solving steps to others.  Our class made their first math tutorials on bar modeling using Screencastify.  Each student was assigned a word problem that was differentiated in the classroom.  Students worked with a partner to talk, analyze, and discuss the steps needed to solve the word problems. The written format became the script needed to later create a Google Slide to organize their thinking.  Mr. Casal worked with our class to create these Google Slides.  Once the Google Slides were completed, students learned about Screencastify to deliver their tutorial digitally.  We studied several tutorials from other teachers and speakers in order to learn how to make similar teaching videos. The students appreciated the power of knowledge that can be taught through these tutorials and wanted to be part of this digital world. Teaching a broader audience is very rewarding!

Please take a moment to view and learn from these wonderful bar model tutorials. I am so proud of our third grade students’ work and commitment. The link below will bring you to a YouTube playlist.  Have fun learning!

bar model tutorials

Khan Academy Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping

Please use the links from Khan Academy below to practice and further understand the math skills we have been working on in class.  I would recommend watching one link per night since there is a lot information to review. Enjoy and have fun being a flexible mathematician, as you continue to think about different strategies and visualizing numbers in many different ways.

Breaking apart 3-digit addition problems

Adding and subtracting on number line

Worked example: Subtracting 3-digit numbers (regrouping)

Missing number for 3-digit addition within 1000


Geoboard Activities

It is important to understand shapes in different categories and understand that shapes may share attributes.

Create the following shapes on the Geoboard link below from your  math hand-out. You should include the following shapes:

  • Triangle
  • square
  • rectangle
  • parallelogram
  • rhombus
  • a quadrilateral with 0 right angles
  • a quadrilateral with 1 right angle
  • a quadrilateral with 2 right angles
  • trapezoid

Have Fun!