Thursday, June 18 ~ eLearning

Good Morning 3D! Let’s have a thoughtful Thursday!

Today is a bittersweet day.  We are excited to start summer, but it is sad that we will not see each other everyday.  Boys and girls, I am so proud of your effort and grit to learn virtually. This wasn’t easy for everyone, but we did it! Congratulations!

Zoom A Schedule Today: 

Book of the Month with Ms. Stile and Buddy class ~10:30 ~ look on zoom chart for K link ~Don’t forget to wear sunglasses, a hat, and a fun summer outfit.

3D whole class ~  11-12 ~ Farewell party ~ Watch a video together to highlight our year together

Music- 1:45- 2:15

Library Broadcast (optional) – 2:30 pm – Mrs. Sorenson will read a book to you


Third Grade Reflection Opportunity

What a year this was! Recording your thoughts, interests and ideas about a time period is always a great way to reflect and grow. Plus, it’s really fun to look back at it when you get older 🙂

Check out this activity where you can jot down your ideas all about third grade. You can print it out to write, or edit with Kami (rotate to get it right side up) and print to save.

Memory Book of 3rd Grade


3rd Grade Summer Book Recommendations

You all created such amazing book trailer recommendations. Need a new book to read?

Check out the 3rd Grade Summer Book Recommendations!


Summer Resources For You and Your Families

I know many of you want to keep reading, writing, problem solving and coding over the summer break. Not sure where to access materials or websites? Please take a look at the resources I have collected for you and your families this summer.

Link: Summer Resources for You and Your Family


A Final Look at the Fantasy Projects

You all worked so hard on your fantasy writing and trailers. Take a final peek. I am so proud of your work!

3rd Grade Fantasy Projects Padlet


Keep dreaming, keep shooting for the stars… I can’t wait to see the places you will go!

Please find me at Heathcote when we return:) I miss all of your smiling faces.


Mrs. DeGrazia




Wellness Week ~April 6-10


Please watch the video to understand Wellness Week better.


Good morning 3rd Graders!

Welcome to Wellness Week! Throughout the week, teachers will be offering workshops, lessons, and activities that will explore the ways in which we connect with ourselves, others, and the wider world. This week you will have the opportunity to take part in so many different experiences. We hope you all take the time to enjoy new independent learning opportunities and enjoy time with your families. 

Participation and Attendance:

Workshops and activities are listed by age range AND starting times (9:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m., and 1:00 p.m.) on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  The district realizes many families within our school community need flexibility on Thursday and Friday to engage in religious observance, all activities and sessions will be pre-recorded and noted in BOLD.

As you work through this week, there are three sessions daily that you are expected to participate in. You should choose from the activities paired to our grade level, or within our grade level bands. Some of these activities will be with teachers who are conducting the lesson live while other sessions are pre-recorded activities that you can choose to watch at a moment when you have free time during that day. The district has a reflection form for you to fill out after you have completed the activities for the day. 

Directions to Access the Menu of Activities and Submit Daily Attendance:(this was sent to your parents in a separate email)

Step 1: Click on this link.

Step 2: Click on the activity that interests you under the appropriate time and age range.

Note: For synchronous activities, if you haven’t already, download the Zoom client or Zoom mobile app to the device that you will be using to participate in the activity. Students in grades 2-12 will need to log into Zoom with their Scarsdale Schools user account by clicking “Sign in with Google.” Students in grades K-1 will have to be signed in through an adult’s Zoom account.

Step 3: Follow the directions for the activity or click on the zoom invite and engage in the live session.

Step 4: Fill out a daily attendance/reflection form and submit.


Have a wonderful week! We wish you a Happy Passover and Happy Easter!

Ms. Boyer, Mrs. DeGrazia, Mrs. Luciano, & Mrs Mangan 



We have been learning about balanced versus unbalanced forces. Today we learned about friction. We learned through our investigations that friction is a force that affects the motion of objects.

Click on the video link below from Brainpop to learn more about forces. When you finish, click on the padlet and write something you learned from the video. Please put your initials and use correct spelling and punctuation.



padlet on forces


Watch the photosynthesis video to learn more about the way plants make their own food. Then comment on the big ideas on the Padlet link below.

The big ideas are the major points of the process of photosynthesis:

  • What is photosynthesis?
  • What does a plant need to make food?
  • What is the food they make and what do they give off that animals need?
  • Any new/fun information you learned?

Photosynthesis Padlet


Reflection of Moon Observations

Congratulations! You have observed the moon for 28 days!

Please go to your student blog page:

  • Write a reflection about what you have learned and noticed about the moon.
  • Can you add any other important information about what you learned from our lessons in class about the positions of the sun, moon, and earth?
  • Please write at least one paragraph
  • Click on 3rd grade and science to help organize your work

Write as much detail as possible. Have fun!

Interactive websites to learn the reasons for seasons

Here are some interactive websites we visited in class to learn more about seasons.

  • Complete the worksheets using these websites.
  • Have fun and explore.
  • Add a post if you have anything interesting to share.