Information Books

Third grade has been working diligently on our Information Books that are based on topics we believe we are “experts” on!  We focused on organizing our ideas into an order that makes sense, writing our chapters in various text structures (main idea-details, pros/cons, compare/contrast, sequential order…), adding text features that support our writing and many other wonderful ways to present our knowledge.  We hope you enjoy looking through them!

Enjoy our books: Continue reading

Welcome to Mrs. DeGrazia’s Class Blog: Narrative Writing

We have been working on collecting ideas to write true stories.  We are about to publish our personal narratives and we learned many skills during this unit of study.

Think about what you have learned so far in class and write about how you improved as a writer.

Here are some skills we discussed:

  • Writing bit by bit to add details
  • Studying author crafts
  • Transition words
  • Rehearsing and Storytelling
  • Dialogue
  • Interesting leads
  • Elaborating the heart of the story
  • Paragraphing to help sequencing