Meerkats and Survival

During our science unit on Ecosystems, we have been studying: How do organisms interact with each other and their environment to survive?

In today’s lesson we constructed an argument to explain how being a part of a group helps Meerkats to survive. Students provided a claim, evidence and a reasoning format.

We read the informational text below on Meerkats and watched the youtube video from National Geographic to learn more about this species.

As we gather and discuss information about animal behaviors and the effects of survival for each group, we realize some species can adapt, survive, or become extinct based on many factors.  From previous lessons, we learned about natural habitats and whether or not animals can survive in another habitat. The additional videos below have helped us bridge these concepts and understand how organisms can survive or possibly not survive, if the environment changes enough where organisms cannot adapt.


Meerkat Mob video

Fossil found in Northern Alaska

BrainPop VIdeo