Persuasive Speeches and Reflections

In class, we studied how to write persuasive speeches during our 6 week unit of study.  We gathered brave, bold opinions (thesis statements) to write about problems/solutions and noteworthy people and places.  While we gathered our opinions, we learned how to add examples and evidence to support our claims. The biggest challenge was gathering all the evidence, then organizing and categorizing this information.  This helped us make a plan to gather missing evidence. We also learned the importance to be mindful about who was our audience and how can we  speak directly to our audience to say more. As we tried to convince our audience about our opinions, we explored ways to keep the audience’s thoughts and responses in mind by choosing words that sound right and evoke emotion.

Below are the Playlists.  Watch your own video and possibly others to reflect on your learning process.  Please write a reflection after watching your video.  Please include the following in your write-up.

  • What did you learn about writing a persuasive speech?  What was the most effective writing technique you learned to convince your audience?
  • How did you feel after watching your video? Do you think you persuaded your audience? What could you do differently in the video to convince your audience about your speech?