Monday, June 15 ~eLearning

Good Morning 3D! Today is a marvelous Monday.

It is VERY important to watch the morning message before you begin your work today.



Please remember to visit the specials websites:  Heathcotegateway E-Learning option

Questions? Continue to use your gmail to email me

Zoom A Schedule Today: 

Ayan’s bday/ 3D whole class ~  11-12 ~ Please bring a joke to share for Ayan’s birthday. We will share 5 jokes.

Spanish ~ 1:20-1:35

Library Broadcast (optional) – 2:30 pm – Mrs. Sorenson will read a book to you

There is a new Zoom schedule in your S.S. folders. It is an A Week. Please make sure the schedule you are looking at has an A week heading. Please note Tuesday we have our zoom at 11-12 to celebrate our fantasy trailers. Thursday we have a 10:30 zoom with our buddies and Ms. Stile for the Book of the Month. Then we will leave that zoom and reconnect with our class at 11am.

SUMMER BIRTHDAYS:  Emma (7/28), Isaac (8/7), Ayan (8/13):

Let’s celebrate Ayan’s birthday 6/15! Happy summer birthday Ayan!

Writing: Publishing Your Book and Trailer~

Today is the last day to post on the 3rd Grade Padlet: If you posted, then you can skip this section

When you are ready to publish your book trailer to the “3rd Grade Fantasy Writing 2020” Padlet, watch this tutorial below. It will give you a step by step guide for you to follow and learn how to publish both your writing and your book trailer to the grade-wide padlet. We suggest you watch the video through to the end and then when you are ready to follow the steps, go back and watch portions of the video, press pause, complete that step and press un-pause to learn the next step. We cannot wait to see your completed projects! Good luck 3rd Grade Writers!

This video shows you how to upload your Trailer to the Padlet as well as download your writing as a “PDF” and then attach it to your padlet post.

Today you will be working towards uploading your video to the folder and once it is completed, you will go to 3D YouTube folder to find yours.  All directions can be found on the video above today and in this document. 

  1. Download fantasy story (Google Doc) as a PDF
  2. Download trailer from Spark Video to your computer (Downloads File)
  3. Upload video and movie to the Grade 3 Padlet


Read  your fantasy book for 30 minutes and post on your bookclub padlet

CURSIVE: Capital Y and Z

You can use your handwriting workbook to complete this work.  Please take a picture and insert it in your June eLearning slideshow. Please watch the two videos to help with your formation of capital Y and Z. You may need to watch the videos more than once and then skywrite. Complete workbook pages pp 100-101.

Capital Y tutorial

Capital Z tutorial


Science: The Heathcote Garden

We are back in the garden! Toby from Kaleidoscope Garden wants to say hello! Check out this quick video to see what the Heathcote garden is looking like and where all the fresh vegetables are going after harvest.

Heathcote Garden Introduction

Let’s talk about the amazing process of photosynthesis. Watch the lesson video below and then complete both the Brainpop assignment and Seesaw assignment to show your learning.

  • Watch the lesson in the above video
  • Watch Brainpop Video and complete Quiz Review that has been assigned to you. (Remember to sign in using G suite)
  • Complete Seesaw activity

Social Studies: NYC & Harlem

Third graders, Harlem is the next stop on your tour of NYC. Located in upper Manhattan, Harlem is rich in culture, architecture and people! Watch the video below.

  • Watch Mrs. Boyers introduction to Harlem
  • Watch the video, read the scholastic article, and read through the Jazz museum
  • Complete your Seesaw assignment

NYC Slides – Harlem

Optional Welcome to 3rd Grade Adobe Spark

Watch the tutorial for you to learn about this special, but optional project. We thought it would be fun for you to create a quick video highlighting some of the fun activities you enjoyed this past year that the new upcoming 3rd graders have to look forward to! This video reminds you about how to access Adobe Spark Video and a step by step guide of how to find the 3rd Grade folder titled “Welcome to 3rd Grade Videos” in your “Shared with Me” folder of your drive. Have fun! We can’t wait to see all the wonderful videos you will be creating!


Continue your work practicing classifying quadrilaterals by using IXL. You should spend 30 minutes on this. Strive for a Smart Score of 80 on each. Stop after 30 minutes, or keep going!

IXL: DD: 1 & 3-8*




  • Read 30 minutes ~ complete a your book club padlet
  • Cursive capital Y and Z
  • Science – Heathcote Garden & Photosynthesis
    • Watch both tutorials
    • Complete Seesaw Activity
    • Do brainpop video and quiz on Photosynthesis
  • Social Studies – Harlem
    • Watch tutorial
    • Click through the Slides and links – watch videos
    • Complete Seesaw Activity
  • Fantasy Writing & Book Trailer
    • Make sure you have uploaded both your Fantasy Writing and Book Trailer to Grade 3 Padlet
  • Welcome to 3rd Grade Video
    • Watch the tutorial to learn about optional project
    • Create a “Welcome to 3rd Grade” video
    • Upload it to the shared folder “Welcome to 3rd Grade Videos” that is located in your “Shared with Me” folder
  • IXL- Complete quadrilateral work DD:1 & 3-8


The video below shares some information on photosynthesis. Using the information from the video as well as the readings we have done in class, you will be required to post the BIG IDEAS about photosynthesis on the padlet provided below the video.


Make sure to answers these questions:

  • What is photosynthesis?
  • What does a plant need to make food?
  • What is the food they make and what do they give off that animals need?
  • Any new or interesting information that you didn’t already know include in your post.


Padlet for Photosynthesis