Pear Blossom

In the book Korean Cinderella Pear blossom is calm    I think this because…           When the mom dies and the dad gets married with someone else the step mother and step sister dress her in rags and give her spoiled turnips she said thank you back.The step sister and step mom give her chores they also call her little pig.When she goes to the festival the magistrate comes and the step mom and sister say she stole an orange but it was from the bull.   At the end of the story she learns that if your calm you always get through.

The Day The Cushion Quit

Dear Aaron,

Hey it’s cushion.Remember me?It’s the cushion from your chair.GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!You always sit on me!From 8:45 to 3:15 you better start paying.Can you let me have a vacation?

Your WARN OUT  friend,


No littering

Do you think you like walking over trash?Well I don’t so we should start picking up trash. EVERYONE should start picking up the trash.We need to keep the world clean for our next generations.Even though the world is dirty already we can still help keep the world clean.We can start by…

1.Pick up trash we see on the floor.


2.Ask people to make sure they put the trash in the right bin


3.Recycle paper,bottles,and more

4.Do you know about composting?If you do compost more


5.And more!


If we continue we can make the WORLD A BETTER PLACE!!!!