I’m Back !!!

Hi my name is Luc and i’ve been writing since third grade, and i’ll be writing more amazing stories soon !


My favorite video game is Fortnite i’ve been playing since season 3 I play with my brother and sometimes my sister. My second win was squads with my siblings. I really enjoy playing Minecraft too, it teaches me things about nature.


I love to play soccer and I play for Scarsdale travel team. I love it because it’s really fun and interesting. I also enjoy watching the world cup, do you like soccer?


My favorite food is a hamburgers and it’s technically 5 different foods, salade, cheese, onions, meat, and bread. It’s really good! I  also love dessert it has so many good choices.


I love traveling to new places! It’s really cool to see howPeoples live. I’m from France so i enjoy going to France to visit my grandparents!


Hope to have a writing piece soon.



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