Do you have a favorite cousin that’s your best friend well I do! There is no relationship like me and my cousin Hunter.We have so much in common, he is so nice , and I can tell you one thing and that one thing is that NOBODY is more understanding than he is.


My first reason of the relationship we have so much in common like we both have Go pros we love to use them and record Youtube videos together and we play so much together (especially ambushing our brothers) and we literally have the same EVERYTHING. We really love each other for example when we went to get Hunters Go pro he said I want the same one as Luc ! When I told my mom she said it was cute.


  My second reason of the relationship is that he is so nice to me. He helps me takes all the blame he helps me with almost everything in life. Even though he is older than me he is in 4th grade. we text so much and face time a lot! We even have our own company! He always makes me laugh when we see each other  We do so much together but the only problem is that we live so far from each other, a three hour drive!

My third reason that we have the best relationship is that no one is more understanding than he is. For example when I’m sad or I want to do something and I tell him my reason he always understands, for example when I lose something he always helps me find it, when I lose something he always assures me that we will find it, when I lose something he always helps me.


That is why we have a great relationship with my cousin Hunter. I’m thankful to have a great cousin like him!

Colonial Times Article

In the passage “Colonial America” by William Cullen Bryant it explains that the Native Americans lived in the new world for more than 100s of years. When Europeans arrived they had new ideas about owning land and farming. Pilgrims came to practice their religion in peace while the some colonists came to find gold, spanish came and became rich with gold. That is a summary from Colonial America Continue reading Colonial Times Article