Alleged Russian Spy Whale Gains Celebrity in Norway

Title: Alleged Russian Spy Whale Gains Celebrity in Norway

Source: Dogo

Did you ever think a spy could be different then a person?Well now it is true! The spy is not a person it’s a nice Beluga Whale who loves humans. He was first seen by a fisher man when they were about to throw a net they saw a whale swimming around the boat. When they saw the whale, the whale had some sort of collar. The fisherman tried to get the collar of in the boat but one of the fisherman had to jump into the water to get it of. After a closer inspection of the collar it revealed the words _’’Equipment of ST. Petersburg” explained that it was from a Russian military base.

Personal Response:

I chose this article because I wanted to lean more about a whale spy.

8 year old homeless kid won the New York State

On March 16 2018, a poor homeless 8 year old named Tanitoluwa Adewumi won the New York State chess championship and had to take down 73 other older kids to win, also he only learned the game less than a year ago.

Personal Responce: I chose this article because I think it’s cool that a homeless 8 year old won a championship.

Colonial Times Article

In the passage “Colonial America” by William Cullen Bryant it explains that the Native Americans lived in the new world for more than 100s of years. When Europeans arrived they had new ideas about owning land and farming. Pilgrims came to practice their religion in peace while the some colonists came to find gold, spanish came and became rich with gold. That is a summary from Colonial America Continue reading Colonial Times Article

The important thing about Henry Hudson

The important thing about Henry Hudson is that he is a


His goal was to find the NorthWest passage and the NorthEast passage.

On his first voyage he got blocked by ice.

He sailed in the Hudson River. The boat he sailed on was called the Half Moon.

He sailed 4 voyages and on the 4th voyage he sailed up a  river and the river was named after him The Hudson River.

Henry Hudson got left adrift on his boat nobody knows what happened or when he died.

But the important thing about Henry Hudson is that he was an explorer.

I’m Back !!!

Hi my name is Luc and i’ve been writing since third grade, and i’ll be writing more amazing stories soon !


My favorite video game is Fortnite i’ve been playing since season 3 I play with my brother and sometimes my sister. My second win was squads with my siblings. I really enjoy playing Minecraft too, it teaches me things about nature.


I love to play soccer and I play for Scarsdale travel team. I love it because it’s really fun and interesting. I also enjoy watching the world cup, do you like soccer?


My favorite food is a hamburgers and it’s technically 5 different foods, salade, cheese, onions, meat, and bread. It’s really good! I  also love dessert it has so many good choices.


I love traveling to new places! It’s really cool to see howPeoples live. I’m from France so i enjoy going to France to visit my grandparents!


Hope to have a writing piece soon.



Pear Blossom

In the book Korean Cinderella Pear blossom is calm    I think this because…           When the mom dies and the dad gets married with someone else the step mother and step sister dress her in rags and give her spoiled turnips she said thank you back.The step sister and step mom give her chores they also call her little pig.When she goes to the festival the magistrate comes and the step mom and sister say she stole an orange but it was from the bull.   At the end of the story she learns that if your calm you always get through.

The Day The Cushion Quit

Dear Aaron,

Hey it’s cushion.Remember me?It’s the cushion from your chair.GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!You always sit on me!From 8:45 to 3:15 you better start paying.Can you let me have a vacation?

Your WARN OUT  friend,


No littering

Do you think you like walking over trash?Well I don’t so we should start picking up trash. EVERYONE should start picking up the trash.We need to keep the world clean for our next generations.Even though the world is dirty already we can still help keep the world clean.We can start by…

1.Pick up trash we see on the floor.


2.Ask people to make sure they put the trash in the right bin


3.Recycle paper,bottles,and more

4.Do you know about composting?If you do compost more


5.And more!


If we continue we can make the WORLD A BETTER PLACE!!!!

Speak up !!

Do you think it’s ok that kids get bullied and their friends don’t help them?We should help friends in need of rescuing.Bullieing is bad so we have to stop it.You have to speak up or tell an adult.Peoples get bullied and don’t  tell adults so we need to tell.Bullies make kids cry and skip school and they still don’t tell their parents.Once my friend got bullied when I wasn’t there and a random person pushed him and he got a bad scrape and stayed in the nurses room.