Modular nuclear reactors

Smaller nuclear reactors use new technology and can save money and reduce environmental and financial risks. Each one produces about somewhere in the tens of megawatts of power. A traditional, giant nuclear reactor produces around 1000 MW.  Modular nuclear reactors may be the future of energy.


Foldable Ebikes

Ever been walking somewhere close to the city and wishing you had an easier way around without paying for a cab? How about a bike? Too much work. An ebike? Can’t bring it around with me. How about a compact, foldable ebike that you could take around the city? Sound good? Good. Because they exist, and are affordable, if you think about what you save in gas money and Cab fees. Who needs Uber? Foldable ebikes are the cost efficient, environmentally friendly way to get around.

The three types of Artificial intelligence

There are three types of artificial intelligence: Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI). One example of ANI could be something like the Amazon Alexa, able to recognize voice commands and carry them out. AGI would be intelligence that could be applied to various different tasks, and could improve itself. ASI is when AI becomes more advanced then humans. That’s when AI takes over the world. (JK)


Mind controlled prosthetics

Imagine a robotic arm that responded to thought, just like a regular arm. What would this be like? These revolutionary new prosthetics may change lives, going from visually appealing plastic sculptures to high-tech almost cyborg-like arms is a big change. If these could become easily available to anyone, this could change the world. Unfortunately, robotic arms that respond to one’s brain are not cheap. But this is one step towards the future of prosthetics.


Scewo. Just some made up word? Or the future of wheelchairs? Scewo is a wheelchair that can climb stairs, using special treads that lower from the wheelchair with a push of a button. There are also two motorized big wheels, and two small retractable wheels to help get on and off stairs. Although to it the cheapest wheelchair to produce or buy, Scewo is the start of revolutionized wheelchairs. First motorized, then can climb stairs, what’s next? Flying? Who knows. But whatever comes next, if this is what is just coming out, how about in a few years?
Scewo is not the only stair – climbing wheelchairs out there, but it certainly is one of the coolest.


VR tech

VR isn’t exactly new, but it is advancing very quickly. When VR first started, it had to use a special machine. Now, all you need it some cardboard and a phone. The quality has improved, too. There are also new VR rigs, such as a special platform that has an Omnidirectional treadmill, making it as if you are walking miles, while you could take a jog around the Grand Canyon in a fairly big walk – in closet. VR can even have medical advantages, as well as psychological recovery advantages for burn victims. I truly think that while earth won’t become like the move Ready Player One, I do think that. VR will  revolutionize the way that we live.


The flashlight project

The flashlight project is a project in which children get to design their own flashlights using a simple circuit and some PVC pipe. This project helps kids practice designing things, and is just a fun activity to participate in. The backstory is that your flashlight will be used in an underground cave rescue, so it has to be compact, waterproof, and functional. Are YOU up to the challenge?

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