VR tech

VR isn’t exactly new, but it is advancing very quickly. When VR first started, it had to use a special machine. Now, all you need it some cardboard and a phone. The quality has improved, too. There are also new VR rigs, such as a special platform that has an Omnidirectional treadmill, making it as if you are walking miles, while you could take a jog around the Grand Canyon in a fairly big walk – in closet. VR can even have medical advantages, as well as psychological recovery advantages for burn victims. I truly think that while earth won’t become like the move Ready Player One, I do think that. VR will  revolutionize the way that we live.


Three button game

During class, Amanda, Alba, and Mia and I play a game that I call the three buttons game. This game consists of handmade switches, parallel
circuits (we used a breadboard), and a deck of cards. The deck of cards is split, and the top card on both decks are flipped up simultaneously. If the left card is red, the left button is pushed. If the right card is red, the right button; is pushed. If both cards are red, the middle button is pushed. If neither card is red, no buttons are pushed. The goal is to make it through both decks without error as fast as you can. This was a fun, eduacational activity, and I would happily do is again.Click Here to see short video of game

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